Oct 15

Military Recruiting Ain’t Easy [podcast]

military recruiting

In the latest episode of the “Its all recruiting” podcast, Jim Stroud chats with Chad Sowash and Dennis Carpenter of Randstad Sourceright about military recruiting. | Related links: http://goo.gl/87RdYA

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Aug 15

How To Get a Job Now

jobhunting tips
In this video, Jim explains the importance of your online reputation, how to build it and how to protect it. Use the tips in this presentation to take your job hunting to the next level. And please, do pass it on to others that could use the advice. [This is an updated version of a webinar I gave last year.] // This version was brought to you by: Sweet Job Spot and The Number One Job Hunting Book in the World!

// All the resources cited in the video can be found here: Jobhunting and online reputation links

Aug 15

How many ways can you recruit a candidate?

Jim Stroud chats recruiting innovation with Paul Slezak of RecruitLoop. Links related to this podcast can be found here: http://goo.gl/fYT3dO

Aug 15

How To Source Leads from Twitter Lists #sosueu

In this episode, Jim Stroud demonstrates how to source hidden talent by leveraging Twitter lists. Links related to this episode (and about job opportunities with Randstad Sourceright) can be found here: http://goo.gl/eQwqRe

Aug 15

I was a guest on the “Hiring On All Cylinders” podcast

Recruiting vs sourcing

I was fortunate enough to be a guest on the “Hiring On All Cylinders” podcast produced by Entelo. The topic was “Sourcing verses recruiting” and I talked about the future of sourcing, Sourcing Summit Asia, my experiences with recruiters and sourcers in Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia and agency vs corporate recruiting strategies. (Plus, some other stuff that I rambled on about and cannot think of now.) The official description is below.

Randstad Sourceright’s Sourcing and Recruitment stud, Jim Stroud, joins to discuss his experiences consulting Recruiters in Singapore and Oceania. We compare Sourcing and Recruiting, discuss unorthodox social recruiting strategies, and the different approaches for agency vs in-house Recruiters. Check out his Sourcing and Recruitment books here.

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