Oct 14

Randstad Sourceright Sourcing Leaders Discuss Trends In Sourcing

Jim Stroud - Sr. Director at Randstad Sourceright

Guess who was featured in a video featuring Randstad Sourceright sourcing leaders? Me! Yay! So excited! Check it out as well as interviews from people much smarter, better looking and more talented than me (okay, now I’m getting depressed) at the recent #SOSUEU conference in Amsterdam. Pass it on…

What did you think of the video? Let me know in the comments below. By the way, all autographs are $19.95!

(Some time later…)

All autographs are now half-price at $9.95 each.

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Now giving away autographs for a limited time!

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For a limited time only, now paying people to take my autograph. Operators are standing by.


Sep 14

I am speaking at Sourcing Summit Europe 2014 #sosueu

Sourcing Summit Europe 2014

www.sosueurope.com – I and Balasz Paroczay will be representing Randstad Sourceright at the Sourcing Summit Europe 2014 conference in Amsterdam, September 23 – 24, 2014. Sign up now! If you are a recruiter, sourcer or manage a team of either, this conference is well worth your time! I hope to see you there!

Sep 14

Randstad Rocks!

Just a quick note to express how happy I am with Randstad Sourceright. Its been less than a year since I joined them, but I truly feel as though I belong there. Just sayin’…

Jul 14

I was for big data in HR before I was against it. This is why.

How to use big data in HR and recruiting

I was very fortunate to speak at the 2014 LinkedIn SourceIn event in New York last month. My topic was “I was for big data before I was against it.” Everyone was awake when I was done, so I added it to my “win” column. These are the points I addressed.

# Why are recruiters doing more posting and praying than ever before?
# Who are some masters of big data?
# How are companies using big data to improve their recruiting processes?
# How are companies using big data to improve office efficiency?
# Is big data really “the civil rights issue of our era?”
# What should companies worry about when it comes to using big data for recruiting purposes?
# Why does Jim ramble at times and get distracted so easily? (Seriously, that’s something I ask myself all the time and… squirrel!)

Tune in to the video below and let me know your thoughts? I would really appreciate it.


P.S. Click here for a list of links pointing to the articles and resources cited in my presentation.

Jun 14

Why is there (still) a diversity problem in the workplace?

Why is diversity still an issue in today’s board room? Why is it an issue in Silicon Valley? I don’t know for certain but, I do speculate and suggest a solution. Tune in to hear what it is. Read articles related to this podcast here: http://buff.ly/1irShaF