My Projects

Here is a list of my major web projects (past and present):



The Hidden Job Report reveals thousands of global opportunities in the hidden job market.

The Recruiters Lounge explores the wacky world of employment with articles, videos, comics, podcasts and more. It is written by Jim Stroud and friends.

[On Hiatus ].

Friday Traffic Report is a weekly podcast that discusses the cool geeky stuff all the online marketers are into these days.

The Searchologist is a training website and magazine that teaches recruiters resume sourcing and online lead generation strategies. It was placed on hiatus in January 2011.

I Live Online is a consumer technology video blog. It features the wit and weirdness of Jim Stroud and Jake Press as they discuss cool websites, iphone apps and banter with Guido (the invisible cameraman).  It is presently on hiatus.