I was a guest on Voice of America

Recently, I was a guest of “Voice of America” where I discussed my views on the job market and what employers and jobseekers should be considering. In case you are unfamiliar with VOA, here is a bit of their history, gleaned from their website.

The Voice of America (VOA) is a dynamic international multimedia broadcaster with service in more than 40 languages. Serving an estimated weekly global audience of 236.8 million, VOA provides news, information, and cultural programming through the Internet, mobile and social media, radio, and television. VOA is funded by the U.S. Government through the Broadcasting Board of Governors.

Check out the tweet below to catch the part of the broadcast I was in. Likewise, you can visit the website for the rest of the story.

Seven Ways to Make LinkedIn Better

Jim Stroud - Sr. Director at Randstad SourcerightBack in 2014, I was between opportunities and interviewing with diverse companies. The two companies that held my interest the most were my beloved employer – Randstad Sourceright (Yay!) and LinkedIn. During my interviews with LinkedIn (I had several), I shared a plethora of ideas that I thought would take their platform to the next level. It was not until recently that I stumbled across my notes and revisited the suggestions I made to LinkedIn, three years ago.

As I reviewed my writings, I wondered what would have happened if LinkedIn did all I suggested back then? Would they have had more product offerings today? Would they have resisted a buyout from Microsoft because they were too big to fail? And then I thought, what if I had shared these ideas with some of their competitors? Would LinkedIn had been forced to do similar innovations to keep up or to remain dominant? Hmm… I guess I will never know and that kind of bugs me.

So, just for giggles, I thought I would share the ideas I had for LinkedIn back in 2014. I invite any and all thoughtful comments so long as you remember that these notions are circa February/March 2014. (Oh! Forgive me in advance if this seems a bit rambly; because it is.)


LinkedIn already detects when someone is sprucing up their profile. What if a significant percentage of a company’s employees are updating their profile over the course of a few days or week? LinkedIn says to itself, “Hmm… looks like your company is about to layoff a bunch of people.”

So, as a service to job seekers…

A) LinkedIn looks at your work history, present employer and previous job searches then, starts suggesting jobs of interest to you.

B) LinkedIn goes further and analyzes your skills, professional interests and your LinkedIn groups; surmises that you have a lot in common with these companies and shares jobs that may be of interest to you.

C) LinkedIn looks at the companies it is pitching to you and where they recruit from and suggests that you explore opportunities there because a lot of people from your present company tend to migrate there.

Doing this helps a job seeker increase their chance of being hired quicker and gives employer leads in line with their preference. If this algorithm does not work for some (for whatever reason, maybe they do not have enough of a career to analyze?), LinkedIn suggests that they pattern their search according to trends.


Umm… Say, for example, jobs in the healthcare industry is trending high for left-handed nurses. Your skills suggest that you might be a match for left-handed nursing jobs. However, you are not very responsive. Before you know it, LinkedIn is showing you adverts for online classes that would put you on the pathway of being a left-handed nurse or some other job that is trending hot.

To take these classes, that will make you an even more attractive candidate, you login to the online classroom with your LinkedIn profile. Once the class is completed, your scores are on a LinkedIn page. You can then link to your academic grades and have them display prominently on your LinkedIn profile. Unless you decide to opt out, LinkedIn sends a list of top scorers to companies who have paid to receive news on top students as soon as their grades post. (wink)
Musings of Man and Machine by Jim Stroud

New Book: Musings of Man and Machine: How Robots
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LinkedIn should buy Lynda or consider buying something like it. Why? Imagine this scenario! LinkedIn partners with high schools to give students free online classes that will prepare them for future roles. High scorers are matched with a mentor for a day, to ask what it’s like to do the work they do. LinkedIn gets members now and for the future. LinkedIn trains for the future. LinkedIn sets the standard for credentials in certain markets. LinkedIn takes the professional community to a new level. And each year, LinkedIn produces a trends report based on government stats, annual articles and LinkedIn data. It becomes the most quoted HR related report in history and cited on most (if not all) leading publications. Just a thought…


If I knew who was most likely to respond to my emails, I would reach out to them first. That being said, what if LinkedIn sent an email to passive candidates on a monthly basis and asked them if they were happy working for Company X? If a significant percentage of employees at a certain company are unhappy, Company X would get notified that they may want to boost their retention strategies. (I, then,  suggested they check out Morale.me for inspiration or possible acquisition. At least, I think I did. I should have if I did not.)


Candidates who graduate from a certain school, location, relevant job titles and are following your company fit the profile of your typical hire. As such, they get a high “recruitment probability” score and as such, appear higher in the search results based on your company when logged into LinkedIn recruiter. This will make LinkedIn Recruiter a more desirable purchase.


LinkedIn should buy DocuSign! When someone virtually signs a document online, their signature links to their LinkedIn profile. In this way, LinkedIn becomes your online ID for your business and inseparably linked to your professional brand. Also for the sake of reputation management, let companies add comments to their blogs that are ratified by logging into LinkedIn.


LinkedIn should produce more business intelligence reports. Like the kind of reports “Business Insider” and Gartner produces. This would cause the business world to see LinkedIn as more than a recruitment tool and expand their customer base beyond HR.

Okay, so, those were all the notes I had on the topic. What do you think? Would these ideas still work in 2017? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to subscribe to my blog, if you have not already.



What happens when recruiters look for work?

What happens when recruiters look for work? Do they suffer the same issues as regular job seekers? The answer may surprise you. Listen in as a recruiter – Keith True, shares his experiences as a recent job seeker and the advice he has for his fellow recruiters.


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KEITH TRUE is a Senior Recruiter with Cameron, a Schlumberger company. Connect with him on LinkedIn

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How To Hire an Impostor to Interview For You

Once upon a time, it was not so unusual to interview someone from India, hire them and then a completely different person shows up to work. I was surprised to learn this but, not my guest – AK Menon. We chatted about that trend and a few things going on now in India. Truly interesting chat, especially if you have an interest in H1-B visas. Tune in for all the fun.

In this podcast:

00:44 – I thought it was strange but he thought it was pretty common
02:47- I could hire someone to interview, posing as me
06:32 – The person we interviewed is not the person we hired?
10:00 – Once social media became popular, false profiles lessened
13:30 – I imagine Trump slowing down H1-B visas has a profound effect on India
16:48 – Are you forced to do business with other countries more than you normally would?
19:49 – They realize that what brought them here will not get them to the next level
22:00 – So much opportunities for entrepreneurs; not just in


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