Wow! I presented at the Randstad Awards in Prague. ;-)

Good times speaking in Prague last week. I am so very fortunate to work for such a supportive and forward-thinking company.

Are dogs replacing children? Looks that way.

More and more couples are opting to claim their pets as children and forego having children of their own. What is the cause of this trend and more importantly, what are the ramifications? Jim examines it all and comments on a global battle for the next generation; something he describes as… “Puppies vs Babies!” May the cutest win. (The fate of the world is at stake!) | Click here for links related to this episode.

This is Why You Hire Mature Workers

With all the talk of talent scarcity, there seems to be one demographic that is overlooked – mature workers. In this episode, Jim Stroud discusses the pros and cons of hiring older workers with Peter Gudmundsson, CEO of Hire Maturity LLC. Tune in for a fascinating debate!


Peter Gudmundsson
Hire Maturity LLC
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An experienced leader for intellectual property, education, human capital and media businesses. Offers a deal orientation with solid knowledge of private equity, venture capital, start-up and turnaround management perspectives. A strong passion for mentoring and developing people.

Seeking broad opportunities in general management leadership with a special interest in education, elearning, human capital and other forms of emerging media.

Specialties: General management, deal orientation, investor relations, board management, media, turnaround management, M&A, post-merger integration, ecommerce, web publishing, private equity, direct selling, direct marketing.

The Long Trend of Collecting and Leveraging Employee Data

Amazon just patented a device that tracks their workers’ hands in order to nudge their hands back into a more productive direction. If you are surprised by that, you should not be. Why? Simply put, it is only one development in a long trend of how companies have collected and leveraged employee data for the past decade. Tune into this episode for the details. | If you like what you’ve seen, please support my work by buying me a cup of coffee.

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Will I see you at the SourceCon in Las Vegas? I hope so!