The Future in Patents

Do you want to know the future of technology? That’s easy! Simply study the latest patents being filed. In this episode, Jim Stroud shares insights on amazing patents that will surely change our world irrevocably. Plus, stay tuned for a very special announcement.


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The robots are coming! The robots are coming!

Wow! I wish I had produced this segment. It is almost verbatim the type of thing I have been discussing on the speaker circuit this year. If this does not wake you up to the fact that you need to be a lifelong learner, I don’t know what will.

Wow! How a Job Can Change a Life #Inspirational

I’ve seen Homeboy eating spots in the airport but, did not know the story behind them. Wow! I will patronize them more now. Check out this testimonial on how a job can change someone’s life.

“Father Gregory Boyle is the founder and Executive Director of Homeboy Industries, the largest gang intervention, rehabilitation and re-entry program in the United States, now in its 25th year. He knows as well as every recruiter that a job can change a life. Be inspired by his message of kinship, boundless compassion, redemption, social justice and unconditional love.”