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Sep 12

eBook: How To Find a Job Now (…and never have to look again!) by Jim Stroud

Earlier this year, I released an ebook called “How To Find a Job Now (…and never have to look again).”  I was fortunate enough to have support from several individuals before the ebook was released. My early sales were very encouraging as, no doubt, there is a BIG need for such information. Well, things have changed since I initially published my ebook and… bottom line? My ebook is now $0.00!  Many, many thanks to a discreet sponsor who is enabling me to do this.

I truly, TRULY appreciate the support I received from the early adopters who bought my ebook and spread the word about it. I want you to know that the overall majority of that sales revenue was given to charity. I do hope that I can continue to enjoy your support as this effort is about giving back more than anything else. (smile)

Okay, enough of that, please scroll down to read my jobhunting advice (for what its worth). And please, pass it on to any and all jobseekers in your network. Thanks!

Happy Hunting!




In this eBook you will learn:

  • How companies find people to recruit
  • How to position yourself to be found by recruiters
  • How to make money in-between jobs
  • How (and why) you should be protecting your online reputation
  • How to protect your reputation on Facebook
  • Why you should be involved in social networks
  • How to leverage LinkedIn to find hidden job opportunities
  • How to leverage Twitter to find hidden job opportunities
  • How to leverage Google Plus to find hidden job opportunities
  • How to leverage Facebook to find hidden job opportunities
  • How to create and manage a job search team
  • How to cold-call into a company
  • How to search job boards you’ve never heard of
  • Nine reasons why recruiters never call you (and ways to convince them otherwise)
  • How to find work by researching press releases
  • How to find a job before the job description is written
  • How to use search engines to find your next boss
  • How to look for work in other countries
  • How to find a job on Skype
  • How to apply for a job that has impossible requirements
  • How to job hunt like a spy
  • How to get job search help from friends and family
  • A template for the perfect prospecting letter
  • Resources and recommendations for job seekers
  • More…


This ebook is designed for very short attention spans! It has a LOT of visuals and limited text. However, there is a lot to digest within these pages. ;-)

How To Find a Job Now (…and never have to look again!) by Jim Stroud

Okay, I’ve rambled on long enough. Click here to read my ebook fullscreen and to give unemployment a punch in the face. (Boo-yaah!) Or, click here to download a copy of my e-book. (Or just scroll through it in the widget above. Your choice.)


Aug 12

How much money do recruiters make?

Every now and again, I like to look at the average salaries for recruiters. Why? If recruiter salaries are declining, I know that the market is declining. If the salaries are going up, then I know that the job market is picking up (or at the least, companies are willing to pay more for the increased workload on recruiters). If the salaries are consistent, then I know that the economy is consistent in whatever state its in.

When I do this “look see,” I typically turn to When I took a look today, I noticed that the “Average independent recruiter salaries for job postings nationwide are 62% higher than average military recruiter salaries for job postings nationwide.”

Here are some hard numbers for you:

Recruiter Salary Comparison Chart

I was also curious as to how these salaries changed over the past couple of years and overall, not much, unless you were an independent recruiter. If so, then when things are good, they were good. When things went bad, they really sucked. Quite the rollercoaster ride!

Recruiter Salary Comparison Chart

I somewhat scratch my head on the independent recruiter data. I mean, if you are truly independent, then your revenue is pretty much tied to how many clients you can keep. But I digress… Did you notice the title I searched called – “Social Media Manager Recruiter?” Those are jobs where the recruiter is involved with the employment branding via social media or, doing it all themselves. Wow. That is a full plate. Hmm… What is the trend around that job title I wonder?

I decided to look and compare it against the average recruiter salary and the average social media manager salary. Quite revealing. It seems that when you add social media to a recruiter’s duties, their salary worth increases over $10,000.00. A big jump and only a few k difference between doing that and managing social media alone.

Recruiter Salary Comparison Chart

Lesson learned? If you are a recruiter involved with social media and you want to get out of recruiting, your skills are transferable to social media management. Just sayin’…

Oh, one last thing! Adding social media duties to recruiting duties seems to be a new trend, at least being added officially to a job title. According to the chart below, it did not hit the radar until the first quarter of this year.

Recruiter Salary Comparison Chart

Okay, that’s it from me. What do you think?


Aug 12

How To Manage Your Online Reputation with Bing

How often do you Google yourself? If you don’t, you should. Why? Its the poor man’s background check and recruiters do it all the time. Not only do they search Google, but they also search other search engines out there as well. (At least, if I have trained them.) What other search engines? Well, Bing, for example. And that is a good thing for you, as a job seeker! Why? Bing recently introduced Bing Linked Pages and it is designed to help you manage how you appear in Bing search results.

Bing Linked Pages

I like this. Actually, I like it a lot. To use this service, go to Bing Linked Pages and do a search on your name. (Oh! It will ask you to log-in into Facebook first.) Once you are logged in, do a search on your name. You may want to include additional keywords as well, such as your city, school you attended and where you have worked. When you see search results that match you, click the “Link me” button.

Bing Linked Pages

Afterward, when someone does a search for you, the links that you approved will be featured when someone searches your name on Bing Linked Pages. Will those same links be featured from a regular Bing search? I don’t know. When I did a search for my name previously, I did notice that many of the links I approved were high in the results. Of course, that could be coincidental. I would love it if someone were to volunteer for a case study on this. Any takers?

I was going to do a video demo of how this all works, but decided not too when I stumbled across the one below.

Hmmm… As I think further on this. If I were a job seeker, I may want to spend some quality time approving links. When I was done, I may want to add a link to my Bing Linked Page result inside my cover letter to a recruiter. I would say something to the effect, “click this link and check me out online.” I know that they are going to do it anyway, so why not make it easy and stack the deck in my favor. Just a thought.

Happy Hunting!


P.S. Now that I think of it, I should have added this to my ebook. ;-)

Aug 12

How To Make Money Online (…with very little work)

Let’s make some money together! Join my affiliate program, refer my ebook to people and get paid $1 for every sale you refer. If you know a lot of jobseekers (and who doesn’t these days), money could add up pretty fast. (Just sayin’…) Details on my affiliate program are below.



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  • Tweet, +1, Like and share your unique link with your network.
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  • Share the link with jobseekers you could not place (if you are recruiting).

Thank you for partnering with me on this. If you have any questions, please reach out to me at anytime.


Jul 12

Whatever you are doing, stop it and hire Lamia Gouda!

Hire Lamia Gouda now!!!

I stumbled across a gem today! While searching for something else, I discovered the video resume of Lamia Gouda. Curiosity took the better of me and I watched a VERY funny and engaging pitch of a very talented woman: Actress, Translator, Video Editor, Voice Over Talent and Stylist. She speaks multiple languages (Arabic, French and English) and not only that, she is also quite the entrepreneur. Check out her iPhone game where she has fight and outwit other actresses for a coveted Hollywood movie role.

Hire Lamia Gouda today. Look at her CVWhat I really like about Lamia Gouda is the impression she left with me. Sure, I could look at her resume and get a feel for what she can deliver, but what has me the most interested is all the intangibles that are not on her resume. Judging by her website and how it scrolls from left to right, instead of the usual vertical scroll tells me that she looks at things differently. The way she plasters her very expressive face next to each website section lets me know that she understands that she is ultimately selling her self to employers and not just a bunch of keywords. Having new media embedded in her site helps a lot as well.

This is a Nokia commercial she was in.

I have to admit that when I first saw her video resume, I thought it was a promo for an online web-series. Plus, since it was in a language foreign to me, I doubted that I would watch it all the way through. That being said, the production was first rate, Lamia’s performance was hilarious and captivating and I (literally) stood up and applauded her efforts. Anyone can see that she has gone the extra mile to get the attention of a potential employer. I will keep my fingers crossed that she gets all that she is pursuing because she is definitely working hard for it.

Check out the video resume that got me excited enough (and laughing enough) to want to write this blog post about her.

Lamia Gouda’s Video CV

Good job Lamia Gouda! If I could, I would hire you today.

Jim Stroud

P.S. Lamia, please consider adding English subtitles to your video resume. For that matter, French subtitles as well. Please do yourself a favor and check out this website: DotSub

P.P.S. You are one hard working woman with boundless talent. Love the game by the way! ;-)