Pokemon Go Get a Job!

Would You Believe Real People Are Actually Finding Jobs Playing Pokémon Go? Jim Stroud shares examples of how companies are taking advantage of the Pokemon craze to find workers for their enterprises. This episode was inspired by a Job Mob article written by Jacob Share.

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The Future of Job Search

What if you never had to search for work? What if perfect jobs simply found you at the time you are looking for work or are open to new opportunities? Sound incredible? Don’t be too sure! On this episode of the “Its All Recruiting” podcast, Jim Stroud speaks with Jay Martin of Jobacus – a truly revolutionary technology that could change how people find work forever.

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Employment Branding – Its All Recruiting Podcast #20

In this episode of the “Its All Recruiting” podcast with Jim Stroud, Joel Cheesman discusses with Jim Stroud the demise of “Simply Hired,” robots and automation taking over and his latest cool tool – “Ratedly” and why its the bee’s knees for companies everywhere.

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Commentary index:

00:01 – Intro
03:20 – When I started Cheezhead…
06:04 – Cost goes up and choice goes down…
07:35 – They’re going to be cannibalizing their posting business
09:52 – What time of the day does Suzie homemaker…?
13:16 – How do we become competitive in that landscape?
15:43 – How many sites are there out there like Glassdoor?
18:58 – The last thing an HR Manager wants to think about is…
23:00 – What do you think about where you work, right now?
25:10 – Please consider leaving a Yelp review for us
26:39 – How can people find out more about Ratedly?


The Ultimate Job Search Strategy for Millennials: Selfies

Ending your job search with a selfie may seem unbelievable but, applying for a job with a selfie is a new and growing trend among employers. In this episode of “The Jim Stroud Show,” Jim Stroud shares his observations and several resources that will boost your chances of getting hired fast.

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