Feb 13

High Paying Six Figure Jobs without a College Degree


So, do you want a six figure salary but, without that pesky college degree? If so, you are in luck! Check out the video below. (smile)


Click here to find even more high paying jobs that do not require a college degree. However, all are not six figure. Sorry.

Oct 12

I was the emCee for mRecruitingcamp 2012 (video montage)

Last month, I was fortunate enough to be the emcee at the mRecruitingCamp 2012. If you were not there, watch the video to see what you missed. Kudos to Michael Marlatt for producing such an awesome event!

Oct 12

I RECOMMEND: 100 Conversations for Career Success

100 Conversations for Career SuccessI was privileged to attend Miriam Salpeter’s booksigning event for her new bestseller – “100 Conversations for Career Success.” Check out some of the pictures and podcasts generated from the event. Click here to get your copy. If you are a jobseeker, I HIGHLY recommend it. (smile)

Here is what you can expect from this GREAT book:

100 Conversations for Career Success helps job seekers manage their day-to-day search and professional networking in-person and online. Job seekers who need this book know they should reach out to business contacts and connect on social media, but don’t know how. Scripts and templates teach what to say when contacting people during job searches and showcase various approaches, including details about how to connect in person and via phone, email, and social media sites.

100 Conversations for Career Success

100 Conversations for Career Success

100 Conversations for Career Success

100 Conversations for Career Success

100 Conversations for Career Success
Click here for more pictures.

Sep 12

eBook: How To Find a Job Now (…and never have to look again!) by Jim Stroud

Earlier this year, I released an ebook called “How To Find a Job Now (…and never have to look again).”  I was fortunate enough to have support from several individuals before the ebook was released. My early sales were very encouraging as, no doubt, there is a BIG need for such information. Well, things have changed since I initially published my ebook and… bottom line? My ebook is now $0.00!  Many, many thanks to a discreet sponsor who is enabling me to do this.

I truly, TRULY appreciate the support I received from the early adopters who bought my ebook and spread the word about it. I want you to know that the overall majority of that sales revenue was given to charity. I do hope that I can continue to enjoy your support as this effort is about giving back more than anything else. (smile)

Okay, enough of that, please scroll down to read my jobhunting advice (for what its worth). And please, pass it on to any and all jobseekers in your network. Thanks!

Happy Hunting!




In this eBook you will learn:

  • How companies find people to recruit
  • How to position yourself to be found by recruiters
  • How to make money in-between jobs
  • How (and why) you should be protecting your online reputation
  • How to protect your reputation on Facebook
  • Why you should be involved in social networks
  • How to leverage LinkedIn to find hidden job opportunities
  • How to leverage Twitter to find hidden job opportunities
  • How to leverage Google Plus to find hidden job opportunities
  • How to leverage Facebook to find hidden job opportunities
  • How to create and manage a job search team
  • How to cold-call into a company
  • How to search job boards you’ve never heard of
  • Nine reasons why recruiters never call you (and ways to convince them otherwise)
  • How to find work by researching press releases
  • How to find a job before the job description is written
  • How to use search engines to find your next boss
  • How to look for work in other countries
  • How to find a job on Skype
  • How to apply for a job that has impossible requirements
  • How to job hunt like a spy
  • How to get job search help from friends and family
  • A template for the perfect prospecting letter
  • Resources and recommendations for job seekers
  • More…


This ebook is designed for very short attention spans! It has a LOT of visuals and limited text. However, there is a lot to digest within these pages. 😉

How To Find a Job Now (…and never have to look again!) by Jim Stroud

Okay, I’ve rambled on long enough. Click here to read my ebook fullscreen and to give unemployment a punch in the face. (Boo-yaah!) Or, click here to download a copy of my e-book. (Or just scroll through it in the widget above. Your choice.)


Aug 12

How much money do recruiters make?

Every now and again, I like to look at the average salaries for recruiters. Why? If recruiter salaries are declining, I know that the market is declining. If the salaries are going up, then I know that the job market is picking up (or at the least, companies are willing to pay more for the increased workload on recruiters). If the salaries are consistent, then I know that the economy is consistent in whatever state its in.

When I do this “look see,” I typically turn to Indeed.com. When I took a look today, I noticed that the “Average independent recruiter salaries for job postings nationwide are 62% higher than average military recruiter salaries for job postings nationwide.”

Here are some hard numbers for you:

Recruiter Salary Comparison Chart

I was also curious as to how these salaries changed over the past couple of years and overall, not much, unless you were an independent recruiter. If so, then when things are good, they were good. When things went bad, they really sucked. Quite the rollercoaster ride!

Recruiter Salary Comparison Chart

I somewhat scratch my head on the independent recruiter data. I mean, if you are truly independent, then your revenue is pretty much tied to how many clients you can keep. But I digress… Did you notice the title I searched called – “Social Media Manager Recruiter?” Those are jobs where the recruiter is involved with the employment branding via social media or, doing it all themselves. Wow. That is a full plate. Hmm… What is the trend around that job title I wonder?

I decided to look and compare it against the average recruiter salary and the average social media manager salary. Quite revealing. It seems that when you add social media to a recruiter’s duties, their salary worth increases over $10,000.00. A big jump and only a few k difference between doing that and managing social media alone.

Recruiter Salary Comparison Chart

Lesson learned? If you are a recruiter involved with social media and you want to get out of recruiting, your skills are transferable to social media management. Just sayin’…

Oh, one last thing! Adding social media duties to recruiting duties seems to be a new trend, at least being added officially to a job title. According to the chart below, it did not hit the radar until the first quarter of this year.

Recruiter Salary Comparison Chart

Okay, that’s it from me. What do you think?