This is Why You Hire Mature Workers

With all the talk of talent scarcity, there seems to be one demographic that is overlooked – mature workers. In this episode, Jim Stroud discusses the pros and cons of hiring older workers with Peter Gudmundsson, CEO of Hire Maturity LLC. Tune in for a fascinating debate!


Peter Gudmundsson
Hire Maturity LLC
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An experienced leader for intellectual property, education, human capital and media businesses. Offers a deal orientation with solid knowledge of private equity, venture capital, start-up and turnaround management perspectives. A strong passion for mentoring and developing people.

Seeking broad opportunities in general management leadership with a special interest in education, elearning, human capital and other forms of emerging media.

Specialties: General management, deal orientation, investor relations, board management, media, turnaround management, M&A, post-merger integration, ecommerce, web publishing, private equity, direct selling, direct marketing.

What happens when recruiters look for work?

What happens when recruiters look for work? Do they suffer the same issues as regular job seekers? The answer may surprise you. Listen in as a recruiter – Keith True, shares his experiences as a recent job seeker and the advice he has for his fellow recruiters.


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KEITH TRUE is a Senior Recruiter with Cameron, a Schlumberger company. Connect with him on LinkedIn

How To Hire an Impostor to Interview For You

Once upon a time, it was not so unusual to interview someone from India, hire them and then a completely different person shows up to work. I was surprised to learn this but, not my guest – AK Menon. We chatted about that trend and a few things going on now in India. Truly interesting chat, especially if you have an interest in H1-B visas. Tune in for all the fun.

In this podcast:

00:44 – I thought it was strange but he thought it was pretty common
02:47- I could hire someone to interview, posing as me
06:32 – The person we interviewed is not the person we hired?
10:00 – Once social media became popular, false profiles lessened
13:30 – I imagine Trump slowing down H1-B visas has a profound effect on India
16:48 – Are you forced to do business with other countries more than you normally would?
19:49 – They realize that what brought them here will not get them to the next level
22:00 – So much opportunities for entrepreneurs; not just in


A.K. Menon helps clients find local talent, GLOBALLY.

Since 1992 Options Executive Search Private Limited has been providing a personalized touch to the professional service of finding the right person for every job, focussing on the right cultural fit.

During the past decade, we have helped several hundred Indian professionals, employed abroad and desirous of relocating to India, to find the right opportunities matching their competency and aspirations.Schedule an appointment with

We have helped several startups ( Indian, large MNCs, venture capital funded portfolio companies and others) to identify their core team to kick start and drive their businesses in India.

Presently involved in orchestrating a network of similar minded recruitment professionals to provide hiring solutions for companies needing quality talent, Pan India & abroad!

Contact AK Menon

Twitter: @achyutmenon


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The Future of Email and its Impact on Recruiting

During the SourceCon conference, I had the pleasure of being a guest on the “Talk Talent To Me” podcast with Rob Stevenson. After catching up with one another, we discussed some of the finer points of my presentation, “Email, I love you! You’re perfect. Now, change.” Listen in to see what you missed.

By the way, check out my lucky socks! (Thanks Rob!)

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Discussing Travel Hacks (for busy recruiters) at #SourceCon

When Emily Sanchez travels the globe for business and pleasure, she uses multiple phone apps to enlarge her network. When she shared these apps with me, I immediately recognized how they could be leveraged for recruiting. As such, I felt compelled to do this podcast in order to share these tools with my listeners. Tune in and find out about some cool travel tools that might help you land your next hire.


10+ years experience in Sourcing and Talent Acquisition of hard-to-fill and niche positions in Healthcare, IT, Banking, Executive and Government Industries. Possess strong technical/business acumen and understanding of technical requirements; deep sourcing skills identifying and engaging passive candidates. Excellent knowledge of developing strategic recruiting strategies and hiring processes including sourcing, interviewing, reference checking, tracking, salary negotiations, and closing. Network with Emily Sanchez on LinkedIn at:


SourceCon is the place to learn about tools and strategies to make your sourcing faster, with better results. You’ll learn from experts who have been in the trenches and know how to find THAT candidate. Come prepared to join the conversation and practice, in real-time, the strategies and methodologies shared by our speakers to ensure immediate impact when you return to your office. Find out more at: