I was a guest on the AirSource Podcast! (Yay!)

I was a very happy guest of the AirSource podcast this month. Tune in to hear how it all went down. A description of the podcast and the podcast itself is below. Let me know what you think?

In March’s episode, we talked to Jeremy Roberts about February’s HireConf event and recruiting with robots. We also chatted to Jim Stroud about Jobs on Facebook.




Jeremy Roberts

Jim Stroud

The Unintended Consequences of Big Data #podcast

www.ratedly.com – On this episode of the “Its All Recruiting” podcast, Jim Stroud and Joel Chessman discuss how companies should take employer review sites like Glassdoor more seriously, futuristic technology that will weed out troublemakers before you hire them and the advent of chatbots in the recruiting space. Tune in now for all the fun!


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The Freelance Economy is being powered by GigBid

The freelance economy is being powered by a powerful new app called – GigBid. Listen in as Jim Stroud interviews the founders of Gigbid about their app and how it can immediately put people to work.

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