How To Recruit with YouTube

I presented “How To Recruit with YouTube” at the 2016 National Association of Healthcare Recruiters Image Conference in Las Vegas. Good times!
These are (most of) the slides I used during my presentation.

Here is a brief description of what the NAHCR audience received during my presentation:

As the economy continues to recover and organizations are actively hiring, how do you attract star performers who are actively seeking their next opportunity? Are you using YouTube and sites like it to maintain your edge? If not, this presentation is an event you cannot miss. Join industry expert, Jim Stroud, to gain real-world insight into seven compelling reasons why you should be using video in your overall recruiting strategy.

Attendees will learn:

# No-cost strategic practices that will give you a significant advantage over your competition

# How to leverage YouTube for competitive intelligence

#Case studies of major brands using YouTube in their recruiting efforts

#Search strings and lesser known resources for finding passive candidates on YouTube

# Evaluation of tools that will promote your company brand on YouTube and optimize your video for better search engine results


The Sourcing Purple Squirrel Named Clyde #sourcecon

Jim gets a surprise gift from the recruiting conference – SourceCon, a sourcing purple squirrel named Clyde. Watch as their special friendship unfolds and learn a sourcing trick for finding passive candidates discussing keywords you have an interest in. Tune in for all the fun and if you have not already, SUBSCRIBE NOW!

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How To Recruit Employees from the News

Earlier this year, I presented at the recruiting conference – “2016 Sourcing Summit Asia in Singapore” and had a blast presenting on 3 different topics. The first of three was “Headline Recruiting: How To Source Passive Candidates from the News.”

This was my session description…

Headline Recruiting: How to Source Passive Candidates from the News

When it comes to finding great talent, the secret Intel you need might be hiding right out in the open: just check the news! The digital world of the news runs deep. From corporate mergers, moves, and layoffs to weddings, moves, and promotions—it’s all there! In this workshop, Jim Stroud, Senior Director, RPO Recruitment Strategies and Support of Randstad Sourceright will show you how to dig deep for the news that can lead to that next great hire. Learn where to look, how to make sense of the overwhelming volume of information and how to execute on a process that works. This workshop will not only provide practical insight, but you’ll have a chance to put your learning to the test through interactive and fun activities. This is an ideal opportunity to learn first-hand about the deep talent resource that’s at your fingertips every day.

And these were my slides…

Want more sourcing tips? Be sure to check out my book – “Resume Forensics: How To Find Free Resumes on Google

Happy hunting!