Chatting about chatbots with Wade and Wendy at #SourceCon

I had the distinct pleasure of chatting about chatbots with the crew from Wade and Wendy between sessions at the SourceCon 10th anniversary conference in Austin, TX. We discussed chatbots, AI, how recruiting and sourcing is morphing and oh, so much more! Tune in or suffer #FOMO.


Wade & Wendy is an AI-Powered Recruitment Conversation Platform. We deploy automated conversations across the recruiting process to increase engagement, optimize workflows and inform decisions. Wendy is an AI recruiting chatbot that joins teams to expand their recruiting bandwidth. Her current capabilities include personalized qualifying conversations, profile enrichment, and intelligent filtering. Wendy learns from each engagement, to expand her capabilities over time, becoming a more valuable member of the recruiting organization. Find out more at:


SourceCon is the place to learn about tools and strategies to make your sourcing faster, with better results. You’ll learn from experts who have been in the trenches and know how to find THAT candidate. Come prepared to join the conversation and practice, in real-time, the strategies and methodologies shared by our speakers to ensure immediate impact when you return to your office. Find out more at:

How To Find (More) Female Engineers on LinkedIn

I was pleasantly surprised to get a shout-out from fellow comics geek and SourceCon superfan – Jess Roberts. Jess recapped one of the strategies I shared at the SourceCon Atlanta meetup last month. (Good times!) Basically, it was all about finding female engineers on LinkedIn.

female software developer

After skimming the article, I quickly scrolled down to the comments to see what other strategies my fellow sourcers have suggested. Alas, I saw none, then again, the article just posted. So, as I wait with abated breath to discover new tactics from the sourcing community, I will throw one more tip out there.

Search the term, “on maternity leave.” Yeah, simple I know. How many men are on “maternity leave” these days? I would guess none. At this writing, there are 1,861 results.

How to find female software developers on LinekdIn

As you may have noticed, on the bottom right side of the image, I refined my search by only those in the “Information Technology” and “Computer Software” services. At this writing, there are 1,861 results! Refine the search further by adding titles. See for yourself here >

If I add “software developer” to the “Title” section of my search, I get 18 female software developers.

If I add “software engineer” to the Title, I get 43 results.

A search for programmer gets me 8 results.

I add a tech word like java, I get 4 results.

If I refine my search to only those women in the USA with the title of developer or engineer, further refined by IT and software industry I get a whopping 53 results.  If I remove the industry restrictions, I get 139 results. Hmm… Not a lot of results with this search but, some options to recruit nonetheless.

So, what do you think of this strategy? Let me know in the comments below or better yet, on the SourceCon blog with Jess’ blog post.

Until the next SourceCon event in Austin, TX (whoop-whoop), happy hunting!


Good times at the 1st SourceCon ATL Meetup!

What an AWESOME time I had presenting at the 1st SourceCon ATL Meetup yesterday. I shared a lot of soucing hacks but more importantly, I learned from the attendees as we shared cool tools, hacks and strategies in an open, sharing environment. Big thanks to CareerBuilder who sponsored the event, generously kept everyone fed, gave away prizes and kept the adult beverages flowing. Here are a couple of tweets from the event. Yay!

And where does this QR code point to? Hmm… I wonder.

QR code to somewhere

Jim Stroud is speaking at the SourceCon 2017 Recruiting Conference

Jim Stroud is presenting at the 2017 Fall SourceCon Conference. The topic? Email strategies! Register at


Email has been our consistent friend from the dawn of UseNet and Myspace to the age of virtual reality but, despite our long history with it, recruiters haven’t yet leveraged all of email’s value.

What to Expect:

Jim Stroud will detail the history of email, speculate on its evolution and share tips and strategies for making the most of a medium recruiters tend to take for granted.

Who should attend:

Any recruiter who uses email and wants to learn how to make it work harder.

• Practical tips for managing your email
• Building better email recruitment marketing campaigns
• New ways to use and think about the humble email

Get your tickets now at


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