Accredited Webinar: How to Recruit in a World of Robots and Automation – the Future of Sourcing

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Accredited Webinar: How to Recruit in a World of Robots and Automation – the Future of Sourcing
Thu, Nov 17, 2016 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM EST

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This webinar has been pre-approved for 1 hour of general recertification credit by the HR Certification Institute.

Everyone is talking about artificial intelligence and the age of smart robots and their wide-ranging implications on society in general.

However, what does the future hold for sourcers in human resources and professionals in talent acquisition, especially in a world where algorithms and smart technology rule? Will the middle man’s role just survive, or will it excel and thrive?

Part sharing of scientific fact and part crystal-ball-gazing, Jim Stroud will share a cautionary and highly interesting view of things to come in HR as we move into and through artificial intelligence.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • What the future technology landscape is evolving into for HR and for sourcers
  • How to ensure sourcers survive automation in a data-dominated landscape
  • How to adapt to the future behavior of passive and active candidates

This webinar is hosted by the HRO Today Talent Acquisition Thought Leadership Council.
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About Jim Stroud

Jim serves Randstad Sourceright as senior director of RPO recruiting strategies and support, where he alleviates the sourcing headaches of organizations worldwide. He has also consulted for companies like Microsoft, Google and Siemens, as well as a host of startup companies. He has also created four online properties, managed an award-winning blog, published a weekly newsletter for jobseekers, co-hosted a popular technology podcast and produced multiple web series devoted to such topics as job searching, recruiting, technology and language learning. Entrepreneur, Black Enterprise and The HR Examiner have all cited Jim for his digital influence.

Pokemon Go Get a Job!

Would You Believe Real People Are Actually Finding Jobs Playing Pokémon Go? Jim Stroud shares examples of how companies are taking advantage of the Pokemon craze to find workers for their enterprises. This episode was inspired by a Job Mob article written by Jacob Share.

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How to Expand Your Reach in a Global Environment of Talent Diversity

How To Expand Your reach in a Global environment of Talent Diversity

Clear here to sign up for my free webinar on recruiting diversity. Time is running out! Here are a few details…

WHAT: How to Expand Your Reach in a Global Environment of Talent Diversity
WHEN: Wednesday, November 18th at 10AM (PST)

Today, there is a large and untapped pool of talent. This talent source is beginning to gain recognition for high performance in some of today’s most in-demand skills.

A select few organizations are positioning their HR operations to meet the opportunity and bring this talent pool into the fold. But, how are they meeting this challenge?

In a global market of scarcity in critical skills, an emerging workforce that thinks differently, recognizes patterns more easily and who consistently adheres to processes may be the game-changers that give businesses a distinct advantage.

Join Recruiting and Sourcing expert Jim Stroud as he explores new opportunities for expanding your reach in a global environment of talent diversity.

He will take you through the challenges, the demands, and the benefits of looking beyond traditional areas of gender, race, and cultural differences to reach out to a highly skilled and untapped portion of today’s talent landscape.

We will explore the history, the demand, and the success stories that are putting select few companies out in front of the pack. And we will give you the insight to start moving your talent perspective and address this new opportunity today.

How To Deal With Unqualified Candidates

unwanted emails

Hey recruiters, how many times a week do you get unsolicited emails from unqualified jobseekers? How do you typically respond? Do you ignore them? Send them a “thanks, but not thanks” email?

May I remind you that there is a large population of people who hate recruiters? As such, we (as recruiters) must go out of our way to be helpful and professional when possible. After all, today’s jobseeker may be tomorrow’s client. That being said, I would like to offer to all a template that can be used when responding to unqualified candidates who send unsolicited emails to you. It goes a little something like this…


Thank you for contacting me and for your interest in [insert company name here]. With respect, I am not recruiting for opportunities that meet your qualifications. At least, not as of this moment. This is not to say that I cannot place you in the future. That being said, please assist us both by considering the following:

As you know, I recruit for (insert client name here). Our focus is on the (insert industry here). The people I tend to recruit generally have the job title of:

# Job Title I
# Job Title 2
# Job title 3

More than likely, I will place those individuals in one of the following locations:

# City 1
# City 2
# City 3

In order to save us both some time, please review the collection of job descriptions that I recruit for everyday. These job descriptions are posted on my LinkedIn profile. [add a link to your LinkedIn profile or attach the job descriptions to your email] I would also encourage you to visit our careers page for more opportunities. [add a link to your company careers page]

Thank you again for your interest in [insert company name here]. It really is a great place to work! Check this out! [link to something that proves that the client is a great employer]

John Q Recruiter

P.S. You might have an interest in this. 😉
[link to a jobhunting resource with useful jobhunting tips]

So, what do you think of this approach? Leave a comment below. Operators are standing by.