Mar 15

Why are there no personalized careersites?

Why aren’t candidates completing the application process? What’s up with Zappos and its “no more more job descriptions” program? How can LinkedIn get any better? (I have an idea.) Some truly innovative recruiting technology companies. I talk about all that with Steven Rothberg of CollegeRecruiter in this 32-minute podcast. / Books by Jim Stroud can be found here: http://buff.ly/1bn43R7 / Visit CollegeRecruiter.com

Mar 15

The Number One Job Hunting Book In The World

The Number One Job Hunting Book In The World
The Number One Job Hunting Book In The World!

“The Number One Job Hunting Book In the World” is for the unemployed, unhappily-employed and the under-employed people who are frustrated with their job search and want to try something different but, do not know what. In 2002 and 2008 the world was in a recession. Despite that fact, the author was able to secure work relatively quickly using the ideas and strategies outlined in “The Number One Job Hunting Book in the World.”

If your idea of job searching is asking everyone you know for job leads, exploring job boards, sending your resume everywhere and waiting for something to happen; then you are doing yourself a disservice. Do something different rather than performing more of the same but, expecting different results. “The Number One Job Hunting Book in the World” is unapologetically quirky and aspires to be amusing while informing you…

a) why now is a good time to be looking for work
b) how to attract career opportunities to you
c) how to exponentially increase your job search results without doing extra work
d) how to leverage social media to find hidden jobs e) how to make money while in-between jobs by starting an online business that requires minimal overhead
f) a whole lot more…

While there are a lot of ideas and methods discussed, “The Number One Job Hunting Book in the World” is designed for the short attention span of those too busy to consume the information they know they need. Please lend your Facebook support to getting the word out about “The Number One Job Hunting Book in the World” and help job seekers find work and stay employed for life.

Get your copy now!

Mar 15

Can I get your help with something?

Can I get your help with something? I have a new book coming out this month and I would appreciate your assistance in getting the word out. Would you be willing to devote 3.5 seconds to promote my work?

I’m using a tool called “Thunderclap.” When someone logs in with their twitter (or tumblr or facebook), they give permission to Thunderclap to post one message (on a certain day and time) to whatever social network they logged in with. (I used it before and it works great!)

So, will you click here (or on the picture below), log into Thunderclap with your twitter (or facebook or tumblr) and automatically spread the word about my book? The message being spread will be “Unemployed? Unhappy at work? Read “The Number One Job Hunting Book In the World.” #jobsearch”

my job hunting book

(Oh! I asked for 3.5 seconds because that is how long it takes to log into twitter, facebook or tumblr with the Thunderclap app.)

By the way, when you click the link on the Thunderclap page, it will take you to an Amazon page where my books are. My job hunting book is not there (at this writing), but will be there when the thunderclap site sends out my message on March 29th. Make sense? If not, leave a comment and I will explain further.

Thanks in advance!


Mar 15

Singapore, here I come!

I’ve never been to Singapore! Sooo looking forward to hanging out there later this year. Yay!

Feb 15

How To Recruit with Live Chat

In this episode of “Its all recruiting,” Jim Stroud speaks with Karl Pawlewicz of Olark to discuss case studies of how companies have used live chat to recruit passive candidates. | Related links can be found here: http://goo.gl/ySAlAk

In this podcast:

01:34 | I am the voice of Olark
03:39 | You might want to write something that says, “hey, we’re hiring…”
05:49 | I spoke with someone recently who is using it heavily in their recruitment process
08:20 | How many people would I need to answer all the questions…
11:47 | If you get too busy or if you reach your limit on the number of chats…
13:37 | …chat will pop open if someone spends more than a minute on a page
15:00 | You’ll have a running list of all the transcripts…
17:40 | …with the express purpose of being aggravating or being a nuisance
18:50 | …23% of their placements in 2013 were started with live chat
20:38 | …based on their IP address you could block that person…