Talkin’ Recruiting Robots, Automation, Sourcecon, and Netflix with Jim Stroud

I was fortunate enough to be a guest on the increasingly popular show – The Chad and Cheese Podcast! If you were among the few recruiters who missed it, no worries, I got you covered. Below is a description of what happened and the podcast itself. Tune in to hear all the fun!

The robots are coming! HR’s most dangerous podcast is back with – a slight line-up change this week – legendary sourcer/recruiter Jim Stroud stepping in for Cheese this week. The Show takes on many different aspects of automation with more of a SkyNet tone. Companies like Uber, Intel, Google, Ford, and Brilent are pushing the automation envelope and we – mere mortals – sit and watch the show while jobs evaporate. Last but not least we answer the question haunting your Netflix queue – Is Iron Fist really that bad? As always, thanks to America’s Job Exchange, and for your support.

I so enjoyed presenting at the 2017 Randstad Awards in Budapest, Hungary!!!

When I get a moment, I’m going to add some more photos from my trip to Budapest. (It was AWESOME!) For now, check out this tweet.

I was a guest on the AirSource Podcast! (Yay!)

I was a very happy guest of the AirSource podcast this month. Tune in to hear how it all went down. A description of the podcast and the podcast itself is below. Let me know what you think?

In March’s episode, we talked to Jeremy Roberts about February’s HireConf event and recruiting with robots. We also chatted to Jim Stroud about Jobs on Facebook.




Jeremy Roberts

Jim Stroud

I just built a robot – JimBot.

I have been reading a lot about robots taking over the world of work lately and have become increasingly fascinated with the concept of robot process automation. So much so, that I have been working on my own personal bot. I call it “JimBot.” Its intended to address the frequently asked questions I get. To see it in action, visit the Facebook page for my YouTube seriesThe Jim Stroud Show.

This is how it works. First, visit my page and click one of the “message” links (either arrow “A” or arrow “B.”)

Check out my facebook bot

When you click one of those message links, the chat window pops up (as shown below).

From this point, you can click one of the links that pops up or type in a question. Easy-peasy. If you would, give my bot a shot! I could really use your help in making it better. Please and thank you in advance.