Aug 15

The Growing Trend of Anonymous Job Hunting

Jim Stroud interviews Tom Leung of Anthology (formerly known as “Poachable”) to discuss the growing trend of anonymous jobhunting, how its done and related statistics. | Links discussed in this podcast and more are here: http://goo.gl/CQgz07

Aug 15

The Bald-headed Step Children of Internet Search #sosueu

The Bald-headed Step Children of Internet Search – In this episode of “The Jim Stroud Show,” Jim demonstrates how to find free resumes on Google using less popular internet domains. Plus, as always, a few surprises are sprinkled in. Be sure to click this link for more resources related to this video. ‪#‎sosueu

Jul 15

Retention is the new recruiting!

Jim Stroud brainstorms various ways to retain employees. | Articles cited in the podcast can be found here: http://goo.gl/cmNzoZ

Jul 15

I was a guest on CareerCloud Radio!

I was very fortunate to be a guest on CareerCloud Radio in order to give job search advice and to promote my latest book. (Yay!) Tune in to hear what you missed.

Here is a quote from the original podcast description:

When todays guest was writing his new book, he says he kept asking himself, “Is this idea worth a jobseeker’s time and effort? Will these tips inspire someone who has been out of work for a long period of time? He wondered if he was saying something new or at the least, giving advice that has not been given a hundred times before?” I truly hope so says Jim Stroud. “I want this book to be a breath of fresh air to every unemployed, underemployed and unhappily employed person who happens to find it.”

Jul 15

The Importance of Neurodiversity in the Workplace

Jim Stroud meets with Emma Seward of Nicholson McBride to discuss the importance of neurodiversity (“the science of differently wired brains”) in the workplace and how it adds value to an organization. Related links: http://buff.ly/1JNt0nQ | Subscribe to the podcast



Emma SewardEmma originates from Australia and graduated from the University of Queensland, Brisbane, with a double major in Psychology. This led her to London to complete her Masters in Organisational Psychology at City University. During her time at Nicholson McBride, she has been involved in researching, designing and facilitating workshops, to enable individuals and teams to operate more effectively. She has also been involved in varied research projects, including topics such as Resilience and Organisational Politics. More recently Emma has explored neurodiversity within the workplace and specifically, its importance in increasing innovation.