Jan 14

How Recruiters (should) Jobhunt on Google

find jobs on the hidden job market

Did you know that there are more than 100,000 job boards out there? This means that there are jobs being posted online on job boards you are unaware of. Fortunately for you, Google indexes a lot (if not all) of them. Yet, how does one search all of those job boards? Well, I might have the answer.

Below is a list of search strings for finding jobs on Google. It is designed for recruiters who are looking for work, but anyone can use them. Simply change the word “recruiter” to whatever job title. Make sense?

Good luck with your job search!


P.S. Feel free to pass this around to any and all concerned. No need to ask permission. Go ahead and share it. (But you cannot sell it.)




Nov 13

9 Cool Job Search Strategies

Sharing tweets of very cool and unique job search strategies I found online. If you are looking for work or, new ways to promote your personal brand, these tips are for you. Enjoy…









Nov 13

The Building Blocks of Social Recruiting

Cuatro causas por las que tu empresa no funciona bien en los medios sociales

On October 30th, I was a guest on #NextChat, a video interview series focused on workplace trends. The video was tweeted as well as recorded. Tweets and the video is below. The topic was “The Building Blocks of Social Recruiting.” I answered several related questions and the audience chimed in with their opinion as well.

These were the questions posed:

Q1. Why does social recruiting matter?
Q2. What questions should you ask to create a social recruiting strategy?
Q3. Which websites do you check when researching candidates to learn more about them?
Q4. How do you think ATS systems will integrate with social channels in the future?
Q5. How can you search proactively for candidates instead of waiting for them to come to you?
Q6. How can recruiters use crowdsourcing and social collaboration for recruiting?
Q7. How can an organization’s current employee base be leveraged for social recruiting?
Q8. What free tools are available for social recruiting?

I had a bit of technical difficulty on my end, but soldiered on. I think it turned out well enough. Check it out and let me know your thoughts?

This is the video:

And these are the tweets:

Leave a comment and let me know what you think? Thanks!


Oct 13

ANNOUNCEMENT: Resume Forensics is now available on the Kindle

My book – “Resume Forensics: How To Find Free Resumes and Passive Candidates on Google” is now available for download on the Kindle. Download your copy now!

Learn how to find free resumes with Resume Forensics by Jim Stroud

RECRUITERS! Resume Forensics is a quick and easy guide to finding free resumes and passive candidates on the web. Heavy on visuals and light on text, this book is written and designed for the short attention span of recruiters, sourcers and the companies that employ them.

JOBSEEKERS! If the only thing you have done to find work is post your resume to a job board, you are missing out on countless opportunities. Resume Forensics will open your eyes to how recruiters search the internet to find people who are not even looking for work but are being contacted for jobs that you will most likely, never hear about. Why not listen in on these recruiting strategies then, position yourself to be found?

In this book, you will learn:

# How to find qualified candidates that do not have their resumes posted online.
# What you should do prior to sourcing resumes online.
# Why you should use more than one search engine
# How to find free resumes on Google
# How to find free resumes on Yahoo
# How to find free resumes on Bing
# Secret search commands that are exclusive to Google
# How to build resume search strings for finding candidates
# How to find resumes your competition has overlooked
# How to use Google resources to find passive candidates
# Research data relevant to resume sourcing and lead generation of passive candidates
# Strategies on how to manage your sourcing research

And more…

RECRUITERS! Whether you are a novice to finding potential hires online, an expert or something in between; this book is filled with tips, tricks and strategies that you can immediately use to fill your open positions.

JOBSEEKERS! Let the strategies herein inspire you to do something different. Take steps to attract hidden opportunities to you.

Download your copy of Resume Forensics - How to find free resumes and passive candidates on Google

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Sep 13

Booksigning at Mobile Recruiting Conference 2013 #mrec13

I am autographing books to be given away at the mobile recruiting conference in Atlanta. If you are attending, you may be lucky enough to win one. Good luck!