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To All Concerned,

My latest job hunting book is now FREE to view online and download. Please share it with the job seekers in your network. A description is below. Enjoy…


Jobseekers! If the only thing you have done to find work is post your resume to a job board, you are missing out on countless opportunities. Stop doing what you have always done and implement a job search strategy that pays off now and for the entirety of your career. If you are unemployed, under-employed or unhappily-employed; the facts, ideas and methods in this book will help you find work quickly and keep you employed for years to come.

In this book, you will learn:

# Why now is a good time to be looking for work
# How to know which careers are worth your time
# How to look for work in other countries
# How to find jobs that will boost your entire career
# How to advance your career by writing your resume in advance
# How to position yourself to be found by recruiters looking to hire
# How to get fired from a job before you even start it
# How to find more qualified job leads with less effort
# How to start your own online business with no money down
# How to find a job on Twitter
# How to cold call a company and get a job
# Reasons why recruiters never call you back (and ways to convince them otherwise)
# How to deal with recruiters who pitch you jobs you do not want
# How to get job search help from family and friends
# How to use Facebook to get a job

And everything else that I forgot to mention in this description!

“The #1 Job Hunting Book In The World” is presented in a conversational style and humorous tone that engages the reader throughout. The information is contemporary, relevant and practical enough for immediate application. Read this book and be inspired to actions that will cause opportunities to seek you out.

If you have my permission to download this book, share it online, share it via email, share, share away. However, the right to bind it and sell it is exclusively mine. If you would like to purchase hard copies of my book, you can buy them (and my other books) on

Jim Stroud

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The Social Credit Score in China is a Bad, Bad Thing

What if everywhere you went, everything you did and everyone you interacted with was rated? What if the total score of those ratings were made public and entitled you to great perks but also, great stress and sufferings? Now, imagine that it was all a mandatory system that you cannot escape from or shut down as it dictated your place in society! No need to wonder at all, its called a “Social Credit Score” and it will be mandatory in China by 2020. Tune in for more details.

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The AI God and “Way of the Future”

Ex-Googler, Anthony Levandowski, has created a religion based on the worship of artificial intelligence and robots. What could go wrong? Listen to Jim Stroud discuss the church – “Way of the Future” and the possibilities it represents in this episode of “The Jim Stroud Show.” | Never miss an episode! Subscribe to now!

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The Future of Fake News

Fake news” has been named the word of the year by Collins Dictionary due, in part, to President Trump’s popularizing of the term. Wikipedia describes fake news as information written and published with the intent to mislead in order to damage an agency, entity or person in order to gain a financial or political advantage. The public cannot seem to escape the mention of fake news in the mainstream media or in this polarizing political climate. However, as bad as it seems to be, Jim Stroud hypothesizes that it will become much worse and proves it by pointing out jaw-dropping technology that (no doubt) will be implemented in the near-future. | Subscribe to this blog now!

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ADV: Musings of Man and Machine: How Robots and Automation Will Change Recruiting by Jim Stroud