Mar 15

Singapore, here I come!

I’ve never been to Singapore! Sooo looking forward to hanging out there later this year. Yay!

Feb 15

How To Recruit with Live Chat

In this episode of “Its all recruiting,” Jim Stroud speaks with Karl Pawlewicz of Olark to discuss case studies of how companies have used live chat to recruit passive candidates. | Related links can be found here: http://goo.gl/ySAlAk

In this podcast:

01:34 | I am the voice of Olark
03:39 | You might want to write something that says, “hey, we’re hiring…”
05:49 | I spoke with someone recently who is using it heavily in their recruitment process
08:20 | How many people would I need to answer all the questions…
11:47 | If you get too busy or if you reach your limit on the number of chats…
13:37 | …chat will pop open if someone spends more than a minute on a page
15:00 | You’ll have a running list of all the transcripts…
17:40 | …with the express purpose of being aggravating or being a nuisance
18:50 | …23% of their placements in 2013 were started with live chat
20:38 | …based on their IP address you could block that person…

Feb 15

I made the Glassdoor influencer list! Wow!

Zowie! Call him butter ’cause he’s on a roll. Whoo-hoo!

Feb 15

How to Stay Engaged with Candidates

I received an LinkedIn inmail to reconnect with someone I had not seen in years. The way they reached out to me really caught my attention and I thought it would be a good practice for recruiters to follow suit. Tune in for more details. (And Doug, thanks for the compliments. The check is in the mail.) // Links related to this podcast: http://goo.gl/AtPH8R // Subscribe now!

Jan 15

LinkedIn is giving it all away for free! Sort of…

LinkedIn, the No. 1 social network used by recruiters and sourcers around the world, is changing the way it does business. They have decided to give it all away for free! Well… Not exactly. Click here to read about the recent changes and my speculation on what it means to the world of recruiting.

Jim Stroud discusses linkedIn's policy changes