Sep 14

Randstad Rocks!

Just a quick note to express how happy I am with Randstad Sourceright. Its been less than a year since I joined them, but I truly feel as though I belong there. Just sayin’…

Jul 14

I was for big data in HR before I was against it. This is why.

How to use big data in HR and recruiting

I was very fortunate to speak at the 2014 LinkedIn SourceIn event in New York last month. My topic was “I was for big data before I was against it.” Everyone was awake when I was done, so I added it to my “win” column. These are the points I addressed.

# Why are recruiters doing more posting and praying than ever before?
# Who are some masters of big data?
# How are companies using big data to improve their recruiting processes?
# How are companies using big data to improve office efficiency?
# Is big data really “the civil rights issue of our era?”
# What should companies worry about when it comes to using big data for recruiting purposes?
# Why does Jim ramble at times and get distracted so easily? (Seriously, that’s something I ask myself all the time and… squirrel!)

Tune in to the video below and let me know your thoughts? I would really appreciate it.


P.S. Click here for a list of links pointing to the articles and resources cited in my presentation.

Jun 14

Why is there (still) a diversity problem in the workplace?

Why is diversity still an issue in today’s board room? Why is it an issue in Silicon Valley? I don’t know for certain but, I do speculate and suggest a solution. Tune in to hear what it is. Read articles related to this podcast here: http://buff.ly/1irShaF

Jun 14

My favorite tweets from #SourceIn

Today I had the good fortune of speaking at a LinkedIn event. The people were kind and the information shared was well-received. I wanted to share a few of my favorite tweets with you. :-)

Jun 14

In memory of Marie Journey

Marie Journey was an innovator in the video, social, and mobile recruiting space. Her sudden death has created a great sense of loss to our industry. She was also a very loving mother who protected and cared for her son, Bear. In her memory, I would like to raise some funds to contribute to Easter Seals, so that one last time, Marie can change a child’s life. Click here or on the image below to be taken to a page where you can donate to this cause. Help in any way that you can…

In memory of Marie Journey