Nov 14

Is Amazon getting into the recruiting business?

The online retailer Amazon.com has a new offering called “Amazon Local Services” which connects customers with local appliance installers like plumbers and electricians. I speculate that Amazon will enter the recruiting business and compete with sites like eLance.com, oDesk, Guru.com and others like them. This podcast is a rebranding of my previous podcast – The Social Recruiter. Please subscribe now. More goodness being planned for 2015. You can also connect with me via Twitter (@jimstroud) and on LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/in/jimstroud). // Special thanks to my sponsor Randstad Sourceright!

Nov 14

How To Use Company Culture To Attract Passive Candidates

Working for Randstad Sourceright
I gave a webinar recently on company culture. Check it out below. Let me know your thoughts?

“How To Use Company Culture To Attract Passive Candidates”

Sourcing the most in-demand tech talent is a start. But with high competition for these candidates, it’s not just the job that needs to stand out — your company must, too. Watch the on-demand webinar featuring Jim Stroud, Senior Director of RPO Recruitment Strategies at Randstad Sourceright, to learn how to build and communicate a work culture that attracts the most sought-after tech candidates.

You’ll learn:

• Key strategies for building a company culture that in-demand tech professionals are looking for
• How to identify the aspects of your unique culture that resonate the most with your target candidates
• How to most effectively promote your company culture in your social recruiting efforts

Oct 14

Webinar: The Future of Sourcing

Join me on October 30th at 2pm EST / 11am PDT for “The Future of Sourcing.” 

Join me on October 30th at 2pm EST / 11am PDT for “The Future of Sourcing.” 

Oct 14

Randstad Sourceright Sourcing Leaders Discuss Trends In Sourcing

Jim Stroud - Sr. Director at Randstad Sourceright

Guess who was featured in a video featuring Randstad Sourceright sourcing leaders? Me! Yay! So excited! Check it out as well as interviews from people much smarter, better looking and more talented than me (okay, now I’m getting depressed) at the recent #SOSUEU conference in Amsterdam. Pass it on…

What did you think of the video? Let me know in the comments below. By the way, all autographs are $19.95!

(Some time later…)

All autographs are now half-price at $9.95 each.

(Later still…)

Now giving away autographs for a limited time!

(and even later…)

For a limited time only, now paying people to take my autograph. Operators are standing by.


Sep 14

I am speaking at Sourcing Summit Europe 2014 #sosueu

Sourcing Summit Europe 2014

www.sosueurope.com – I and Balasz Paroczay will be representing Randstad Sourceright at the Sourcing Summit Europe 2014 conference in Amsterdam, September 23 – 24, 2014. Sign up now! If you are a recruiter, sourcer or manage a team of either, this conference is well worth your time! I hope to see you there!