Do video resumes work?

Jim shares his favorite video resume of all time and interviews the person who produced and starred in it. Do video resumes work? Tune in to discover one that did.

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How to Find a Job on Twitter (Part 4)

Hat tip to Bill Fischer for inspiring this post.

There is a growing trend of jobboards posting their jobs to Twitter. If you know how they work, you can search Twitter to find out about jobs the moment they are posted online. (Pretty cool, huh?)

Here are a few examples to consider:

Here is another search method for finding similar jobs

And one more for the road…

When I performed these searches, there were quite a few results. Since Twitter is a real-time search engine, the number of results you find maybe more or less (or none) of what I found. If you are dissatisfied with the results, I suggest trying again later in the day or tomorrow. Just sayin’…

Happy Hunting!


Another ramble about YouTube Resumes

A few posts ago, actually quite a few posts ago, I rambled on and on about video resumes on YouTube. I thought I was done with that, but I got another burst of inspiration. So, here I go (again).

If you look at YouTube a certain way, you can see it as not only a video library, but as a place where people are submitting their resumes. With that being said, all a recruiter would have to do is search it to find someone with your skillset. Sound crazy? (Work with me, I have my recruiter thinking cap on.) Let me show you what I’m thinking. (10,900 results at this writing)

Just in case I lost you with that, in the above example, I am searching the profiles of YouTube users for those people who have identified their occupations as being a Software developer. And at this writing, there are 10,900 of them. Let’s explore more, shall we? (11,800 results) occupation.programmer (35,800 results) (116,000) occupation.executive (29,400 results) (12,100 results) (20,700 results)

Gee, there are a lot of lawyers on YouTube. (Go figure) By using the scientific method of eenie-meanie-minee-moe, I pick one.

Well, what do we see?

1. The Lawyer’s name (or rather, their YouTube alias)
2. A way to contact them.
3. A link to their website.
4. Their resume (or rather, their Bio)

Will this information be readily available for every profile you find on YouTube? No. Some people have chosen not to let you send them a message and it is not required that they fill out all of their biographical information.

Be that as it is, you never know when a recruiter might try the #2 most popular search engine in the world (YouTube) to find people for one of their jobs. If you are already on YouTube, why not make it easier for them to find you by completely filling out your profile there. Just saying…


How To Build a Company Lead List

In an earlier post, I demonstrated how I would use Copyscape to find additional companies to pursue in my jobhunting efforts. In this post, I want to show you another way to accomplish the same thing. Let me show you what I mean, step-by-step.

1. First step is to hop over to Yahoo Finance’s Industry Browser – Sector List. As you can see, Yahoo has been nice enough to divide Business Industries into 9 categories: Basic Materials, Conglomerates, Consumer Goods, Financial, Healthcare, Industrial Goods, Services, Technologies and Utilities. For the sake of this example, I am going to click on the Basic Materials link.

2. The Basic Materials is divided into sub-sectors such as Copper, Aluminum and several others. Let’s click on Gold because… I like Gold.

3. What comes up is a list of companies that deals in Gold. For the sake of this demo, let’s go with Company #1 – Agnico-Eagle Mines.

4. Clicking on that company name brings up a company profile with LOTS of good info, but for our purposes, we are clicking on the
“Competitors” link.

5. And you know what returns? A chart comparing Agnico-Eagle Mines with its biggest rivals.

Pretty cool, huh? No? Well, in case you are not grasping the obvious…

A. Use Yahoo Finance to find companies in a particular industry.
B. Find the rivals of the companies you find and build a list.
C. Look up the competitors of those rival companies and add to the list.

Is that it? No, but its a start. More to come…


Who is (really) hiring now?

In this episode of The Jim Stroud Show, Jim shows you how to find out which companies are doing the most hiring – now. Download the show notes:

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Want more info on how to be found by recruiters (and get hired fast?)

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