Top 10 Rebounding USA Markets

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these are the top markets rebounding from a sucky economy (as best they can). They are ranked according to the private sector jobs they added between August 2009 and August 2010.

#1 New York City
2. Boston
3. Washington
4. Dallas-Fort Worth
5. Minneapolis-St.Paul
6. Cleveland
7. Austin
8. Oklahoma City
9. Baltimore
10. Virgina Beach- Norfolk

Click here for more details (like where your city ranks).

VIDEO – Where’s my bailout?!

Looking for a job is a job in itself. It takes time, resources and more than a little bit of patience to find one. In the meantime, the bills keep coming in. Sigh…

In this recorded webinar, 10-year Recruiting veteran Jim Stroud details a job finding strategy that served him well in the 2002 recession and is sure to supercharge your efforts during these credit crunchin’, pink-slippin’, company closin’, 401k droppin’, Social Security is a joke, lord, why has thou forsaken me recessionary times.

Although delivered with tongue-in-cheek humor, ‘Where’s my bailout?’ is the type of off-the-job training that will benefit you now and position you for more opportunities later.

VIDEO – What every jobseeker should do right now

If you are a jobseeker, there is one thing that you should be doing right now! What is that? Setting up a profile on Google. Why? Well, for one thing, I train recruiters how to find people and Google profiles is one thing that I teach (as shown in the video below). Also, Google is building a social network (or something similar) to compete with Facebook. No doubt that when it launches I will be teaching recruiters how to search it for candidates as well. (Smile) For now, check out the very first episode of my video series for recruiters – The Searchologist. – In the premiere episode of “The Searchologist,” Jim Stroud demonstrates to Recruiters how to find passive candidates with Google Profiles.

VIDEO – Need a Job? Watch this video!

Even though times are tough, its not impossible to find work to support yourself and your family. I remember the last recession of 2002 when I had bills to pay, mouths to feed and no interviews pending. How is that for irony – a Recruiter looking for work?

Like every other job seeker, I placed my resume on Monster, scanned the newspaper and asked people if they knew of any openings. In other words, I was doing what everyone else was doing, at the same time, but for some reason I was expecting different results. Two weeks into my job search I decided to do something different and today I am still reaping the rewards from my efforts back in 2002.

In this recorded webinar, “Confessions of a Job Search Strategist,” you will learn the following:

* Where does your resume really go? (The Blackhole Explained)
* Why Job Boards don’t matter (and why they do)
* How to use Google to discover jobs that most people will never see
* How to get Recruiters to chase after you

UPDATED – Top 10 jobs that do not require a College Degree

How many 6-figure jobs do you know that do not require a college degree? You may be surprised when you read the list I found.

Here is a list of high-paying jobs (and their average salary) that do not require a college degree:

* Air Traffic Controller – $117,240.00
* Construction Manager – $73,700.00
* Transportation Manager – $73,080.00
* Elevator Install – $63,620.00
* Manager of Fire Fighting – $62,900.00
* Gaming Manager – $62,820.00
* Dental Hygienist – $62,800.00
* Nuclear Med tech – $62,300.00
* Electric Power Equipment Installation – $57,400.00
* Railroad Conductors – $55,530.00

Source: CityTownInfo