There is a place for passion and there is a place for facts…

Today marks the debut of a new podcast – “Things I Think About.” Its focus is history, culture and politics. My goal is to present various points of view on diverse topics and encourage civil discourse, as much as possible. We’ll see how that goes. My premiere episode is below. Let me know your thoughts?

There is a place for passion and there is a place for facts. 

I saw a video of a young woman engaging a senior citizen over her desire to tear down a statue; both African-American. The woman was irate and near the point of violence. The man of a certain age was calm, resolute and determined to have a civil discourse. As I watched it all play out, I wondered, how can society ever have civil discussions and peaceful resolutions when one side refuses to hear the other? I don’t have all the answers but, I do offer a few suggestions in this episode. | Special thanks to my sponsor – Black History Quiz!

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When I grow up, I want to be a recruiter!

The Retro Lounge Podcast Series

Not once did anyone say, “When I grow up, I want to be a recruiter!” Jim Stroud discusses his “Career Day” experience with Doug Beabout.

Jim wonders if children will ever aspire to become Recruiters, or will it continue to be a profession that people stumble into? Tune in to hear the debate and a pitch for very interesting product. Original air date: 09.29.07

Resumes aren’t paper, they’re people and recruiters need to be reminded of that…

I read recently that “Military recruiting has been drastically impacted by coronovairus pandemic” and it reminded me of an article I wrote some time ago.

In the article, I discuss how a certain military recruiter used unethical practices to recruit when faced with a quota and a difficult hiring environment. For giggles, I looked up my old article and thought, hey, this advice is still relevant for job seekers today so, I decided to share it in this episode of The Jim Stroud Podcast along with a very special announcement.

Singing the Misclassification Blues

The Retro Lounge Podcast Series

This episode of “The Recruiters Lounge Podcast” originally aired on September 24, 2008. And this is the original description: Karen returns from her R4 Conference with confirmed insights about how Recruiters (and the companies that hire and misclassify them) can be sued. Very scary, but its needful knowledge if you run your own Staffing Firm. Tune in now to learn the score. Special thanks to

Get me out of here! Reasons why millennials are fleeing big cities…

In this podcast, I delve into the reasons why people are fleeing big cities, programs designed to attract remote workers to smaller cities and how it will likely impact the recruitment industry. | This episode courtesy of

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