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Now this idea has the scent of genius on it.

I wish I could take total credit on making this one up, but the honor goes to Peggy Duncan. Once a year, Peggy sponsors “The Messiest Office Contest” and has been doing it for the past 5 years. How does it work? People send in pictures of their messy office and the winner receives six hours of Peggy Duncan’s time, two of her books and a host of products related to her business. Do you want to know who the BIG winner is? Why, its Peggy Duncan!

While there can be only 1 winner, everybody who joins in on this contest obviously needs the help of a Professional Organizer and Peggy happens to be an excellent choice! Do you see the beauty in this? She starts a contest and business comes looking for her.

Check her out!

Now consider your expertise!
What kind of contest can you pitch to potential employers that will have them knocking on your door to give you their business?

Drawing a blank? Not a problem, you can go about this from another angle.
How about a free training session? I received in my email the other day a sales letter announcing a free seminar on Supply-Logistics. I immediately hit “delete” because I had no interest in that. However, if this person sent news of their seminar to UPS, Airborne or Federal Express then curiosity may bring them out to the meeting. Now, arranging a free seminar could be expensive. I mean renting out a meeting hall and supplying snacks could eat at your pocketbook. Of course, there is always a cheaper alternative! (Smile)

Why not approach a restaurant and convince them to give you some space for free.
After all, you are bringing potential repeat customers into their establishment. If you don’t like the idea of a restaurant; how about the local library? A lot of people do not realize how useful a library can be. The larger libraries have meeting rooms for free and all you have to do is book them in time. This is something to think about, yes?

Here is another idea!
Go to and sign up for a free phone number. empowers you to hold a conference call with up to 300 people at a time. Why not create a presentation that you can give over the phone, send emails to 300 companies and invite them to dial-in and listen to you? Of course, ask them to RSVP so you know who is going to show up. During the call, dazzle them with your expertise and then afterwards follow-up with each one. Ask them if they enjoyed the presentation or had any questions; this is where you begin to network for opportunities.

Get it? Got it? Good.

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