A template for the perfect prospecting letter

All jobs are not advertised!

Career opportunities often come about from two people who happen to be networking with one another or from one person reaching out to another and prospecting. If the latter is you, you may have an interest in my “perfect prospect letter;” at least in my humble estimation.

(1) SUBJECT: “Isn’t 802.11x a waste of your time and money?”

Dear (Insert Name Here):

(2) I read about you in the September 2008 issue of Techlinks Magazine. Is 802.11x a waste of your time and money? I hope not! (3) I just invested my time and money in becoming a Certified Wireless Network Professional (CWNA), the only vendor neutral and industry-approved certification for Wireless technology in the world today. (4) When I read your comment on how your company will leverage this technology, I began brainstorming on a few ideas that may prove of benefit to your organization. Time permitting, I would welcome the opportunity to discuss them with you. (5) Are you available for a 15 minute brainstorming session? Please advise…


(6) Steve Findley
Information Technology Professional
Websites: http://www.stevefindley.com
Phone:         678-123-4567

Obviously, you do not have to add numbers within your reply letter.

They are there only as a reference for our example, so as to identify the purpose for each line.

  1. Shorten your letter to a quick note (4 lines ideally) with a catchy subject line
  2. Identify how you found them
  3. Cite your qualifications VERY concisely
  4. Tease them on the benefit of speaking with you
  5. Suggest a very short “brainstorming session” as this will give the feeling of actual work being done and as such, meeting you will not be seen as a waste of time. Hopefully the conversation will be so engrossing that it will lead to additional meets. (smile) *Let them choose coffee, lunch or phone conference and you make yourself available to whatever they choose. Once inside, be sure to dazzle and always leave them wanting more.
  6. Your name, a quick repeat of your skill set, a link to where they can read up about you online and a phone number where they can immediately reach you.
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