How to find jobs overseas with Google

If you are open to expanding your job search to other countries, I highly suggest that you take advantage of Google’s translation services; even if you are fluent in another language. Why? Well, if you are an employer in say… Mexico.  You might post your jobs in English, but more often than not they will be posted in the dominant language of your country – Spanish. That being the case, logic dictates that there will be jobs posted in spanish that are not neccessarily posted in English. Make sense?

To search for jobs posted in Spanish (or any other language for that matter), go to Google Translate. (A screenshot of the homepage is below.)


Click the “Translated Search” link.


In the search slot, add “sales and marketing jobs,” as I did; if that is not your skillset, type in something else.


Once you have your keywords typed in, Google translates them into a different language. For the purposes of this demo, I chose the language – Spanish. (Of course)


Beneath the search box on the left side of the screen are the (1) translated search results in English. On the right side of the page, are (2) the original search results in Spanish.


Now that you have found jobs posted in Spanish, you can (of course) apply. Sound simple? It is. Does it work? Not entirely sure to be honest, but the logic seems sound.  I have not had the unction to work overseas, so I have not had the chance to try this out. I would be interested to hear from others who have tried this technique. If you would, leave me a comment below? Thanks!


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