How To Find a Job Before The Job Description is Written

One sure way to get a jump on your job hunting competitors is to apply for work before the job description is even written.  How does one do that? Simple. Look for news stories that feature companies that are planning to make massive hires! More than likely if a company is going to hire hundreds of people at a time, they are not going to post those hundreds of jobs on job boards at once (especially in this economy).

What then? Network with people who work at those companies and send in your resume ahead of time to Recruiters. In this way, you get to be among the first in line.

Food for thought, check out the news stories below:

100+ Jobs pending in Cary, North Carolina

500+ Jobs pending in Dallas, TX

20+ Jobs pending in Saginaw, MI

100+ Jobs pending in Orlando, FL

240+ Jobs pending in VA

Jobs pending in Costa Mesa, CA

80 Jobs pending in CA

600 Jobs pending in Ohio

350 Jobs pending in Oregon

Jobs pending in Los Angeles, CA

500 Jobs pending in Louisianna

200 Jobs pending in Michigan

100 Jobs pending in Ohio

100  Jobs pending in Puerto Rico

190 Jobs pending in Ohio

850 Jobs pending in Lexington, KY

In case you are wondering how I came up with this list, I did a search on Google News.

I searched Google News in the following way:

What the search means is that I am asking Google to search the title of news stories for the terms “Is hiring” or the term “New Jobs.”  The results were the ones that I shared above. If I wanted to refine my searches a bit more so that I am looking at jobs in a certain area, I would add a city or state.  For example…  intitle:is.hiring | ohio

If I wanted to refine it further, I could show news posted in the past hour,  day, week,  month, et cetera by clicking the links on the left side of the screen.

Oh! One thing I notice about this strategy is that timing is everything.  Since these are news articles, some of these leads may be still listed whereas others might have expired and still others might be in the archives of a site and as such, a subscription might be required to see it.  Just fyi…

If you found this type of info useful, let me know and I may do more. Just let me know…

Happy Job Hunting!

Jim Stroud

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  1. Great suggestion. It is of course easier said than done. The biggest challenge will likely be finding networking events to actually meet these people who don’t yet know they need a worker, much less you. Nonetheless being proactive is the most important part to a job search, so where there is a will there is a way!

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