How to Make Money While You’re Out of Work

Last year I gave a job-hunting webinar that focused on the in-between time between full-time roles. As you get anxious for the next interview and as you try to stretch your unemployment benefits, you need some income and you need it NOW! So, with that in mind, I share various ways you can legally make money doing what you already know.

And just as a FYI, no “stay at home” get rich quick schemes were talked about during this webinar. I simply relayed my past experiences and gave my two-cents of advice. If you have 30 minutes to kill, take a listen. (And let me know what you think?)

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One thought on “How to Make Money While You’re Out of Work”

  1. I’m a medical student so this is relevant to me. I have definitely used eBay to make some cash in the past, that is great advice. Blogging is also good advice. I would also recommend taking up a hobby and finding a way to monetize that. I built 2 bicycles this summer from spare parts and sold one online for a good amount of money. Finally, tutoring/teaching is a great way to make cash as well. You can always tutor high school or middle school children assuming that you are presentable and have a decent resume.

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