How to find a part-time job

I have a question for everyone.

“How can a semiconductor chip company remain profitable if the chip price plummets every few months?”

Anyone? Going once. Going twice. (Smile)

  • If you do not know the answer, then you are not an expert in the field of semiconductor chips.
  • If you do not know the answer, then you probably do not work in that industry at all. At least, not on the technical side of things.
  • If you do work in that industry but just don’t have an answer to my question, then I might not want to talk to you because you were not able to answer my question.
  • If you do work in the semiconductor chip industry and know the answer to my question, then you probably said something like this.

Now, imagine that you are a Chemist and someone asked a difficult question that you correctly answered. Wouldn’t that mean that you have more than a cursory knowledge on the topic? Wouldn’t that mean you just (more than likely) impressed someone who could quite possibly hire you? If not full-time, then perhaps part-time. What’s to stop you from saying (after you have correctly answered the question of course), “If I can be of further service to you feel free to e-mail me.” Or perhaps, “This may solve your problem in the interim, but I know how to resolve it long-term and its too much to go into here. Feel free to call me and I will give you more information.”

Of course, when they reach out to you, ask them about their issues and offer your services. You have already proven your worth (and given them a free sample of what you can do) by answering their question. (Wink)

There are a lot of Question and Answer sites online (a WHOLE lot of them), but here is a short list of the more popular ones.

* Yahoo Answers
* Answerbag
* WikiAnswers
* Anybody Out There
* Askville
* Mahalo Answers
* Linkedin Answers
* Askme HelpDesk
* Rediff Q & A
* Fluther

Good luck!


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