VIDEO – Need a Job? Watch this video!

Even though times are tough, its not impossible to find work to support yourself and your family. I remember the last recession of 2002 when I had bills to pay, mouths to feed and no interviews pending. How is that for irony – a Recruiter looking for work?

Like every other job seeker, I placed my resume on Monster, scanned the newspaper and asked people if they knew of any openings. In other words, I was doing what everyone else was doing, at the same time, but for some reason I was expecting different results. Two weeks into my job search I decided to do something different and today I am still reaping the rewards from my efforts back in 2002.

In this recorded webinar, “Confessions of a Job Search Strategist,” you will learn the following:

* Where does your resume really go? (The Blackhole Explained)
* Why Job Boards don’t matter (and why they do)
* How to use Google to discover jobs that most people will never see
* How to get Recruiters to chase after you

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2 thoughts on “VIDEO – Need a Job? Watch this video!”

  1. Too much of the video/webinar involves the discussion on how to get in to the webinar and how to mute.

    Maybe next time you can cut out that part of the video when you post it on your site.

  2. Yes, this is true. I used Go To Meeting when I produced the video and it prohibits editing. (Bummer) No worries. I know what to do next time. Thanks for the feedback!


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