How To Job Hunt Like a Spy (Part 2)

In part 1 of “How to job hunt like a spy” I shared with you careersite spying technique. In this post, I want to go a bit further. Cool? Okay, cool.

When I shared how to monitor where Prudential recruiters look for talent, one thing came to mind. Do all ATS (applicant tracking systems) function this way? Most likely, no. No two applicant tracking systems function exactly alike as a button my be on the left side and not the right or “how did you hear about us” may not be visible to the job seeker at all and blah, blah, blah… You get what I’m saying. So, this had me thinking. Since I know that I can do this with the ATS that Prudential is using, how many other companies are using the same ATS?

I went back to the Prudential career site and took a closer look. I noticed at the bottom of one of the pages was a “Powered by Taleo” link. Hmmm…

This made me wonder something, “Could I do a search for other companies that use the Taleo system? If so, could I segment that further by industry?”

The short answer is “yes.” My aim was to look for companies that use the Taleo system that had the term careers or jobs or opportunities in their title and also the word “banking” somewhere on the page as well. My thought process was that I would find investment firms and banks. Make sense? (Yeah, I thought so too.) Check out the screenshot below to see what came back. (

So what can I do with this information?

1. You can see where certain finance institutions are recruiting and (if that’s your niche) begin seeding your resume in those places.
2. Review where multiple financial institutions are recruiting, evaluate the places that most of them recruit from and position your resume in those places.
3. And third… I don’t have a third idea. However, if you do, I would like to hear about it. (Smile)

Happy Hunting!

Jim Stroud

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  1. Jim,
    In addition to ATS, or applicant tracking systems, you might also look into VMS, or Vendor Management Systems. These are put in place by companies who want not only a level of removal from direct applicants, but from staffing firms like the one I work for. Econometrix, Fieldglass, Chimes and others are systems that your readers may want to research.

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