How To Job Hunt Like a Spy (Part 3)

Okay, this is part 3 in my spy series. I guess I am on a roll.

Did you know that it costs money to post a job on a job board? You probably figured that, but I will wager that you don’t think about it much as a job seeker. (Am I right?) Well, since jobboards cost money, companies tend not to post all of their jobs there. Most likely, they post their most recent opportunities or the jobs that they are struggling to fill. That being said, it would behoove you to search the career sections of companies to find jobs not advertised on job boards. Make sense? Going with this rationale in mine, I developed a spying technique that is somewhat compelling. Let me share it with you.

I was musing about the past couple of posts and wondering how to leverage applicant tracking systems even further. I looked up popular ATS offerings and noticed that PeopleClick came up a lot. I did a search for sites that used PeopleClick and have the word “careers” or “jobs” or “opportunities” in the title and the word “programmer” because that was the kind of job I was looking for.

I noticed that some of the results were expired (Oh well) but, some were not. For example, WebLogic Administrator/Middleware Systems Programmer Principal

Does this mean that this job was not being advertised on job boards? No. However, there is a chance that this method will uncover jobs that are not being advertised. It also reveals the names of companies that looked for a particular role in the past and by virtue of that, maybe they will hire for that role in the future. So why not approach them? If you like the idea of this, here are a few more searches to get your mind going.

Happy hunting!


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