How To Job Hunt Like a Spy (Part 4)

Okay, not sure how much longer I will be on my Spy kick, but here is one more installment. (Smile)

As a job seeker, you are most likely unaware of the various tools that recruiters use. For example, there are several resume sourcing tools designed to automagically find resumes and make them manageable at the click of a mouse. I did a review of these various tools and if you are curious to read it, click here to download your free copy. But I digress, the reason why I bring this up is that these various tools pull resumes from various sources. Such being the case, if you add your resume to the websites where these tools pull from then… Yeah, you get it.

Now, do all of these tools list the websites they use to gather resumes? No, for competitive reasons they tend not to. However, there is one company that dares to do so – Infogist. Click here or on the screenshot below to see where they get the resumes that they send to Recruiters via their tool. (Wink)

See ya’ on the next post!


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2 thoughts on “How To Job Hunt Like a Spy (Part 4)”

  1. Jim,

    I received a request TODAY for a “list of tech recruiters which have a success rate for the folks in transition.”

    I was able to come up with an OLD “list of tech recruiters” on my PSGTechnology site (a database I created back in 2007) who were members of my group.

    Interesting how I receive this type of request and you post this list! – Karma!

    Best Wishes,

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