How to find hidden jobs

How To Find Hidden Jobs (Video)

Did you know that traditional job searches leave you at a disadvantage? Why? Simply put, there are a lot of unadvertised jobs that you are overlooking everyday. If you do not know about these hidden jobs. its because you have been looking in the wrong places. Its time to do something different! In this video on job search strategy, Jim Stroud gives tips on how to prospect the hidden job market. Tune in now and PLEASE share with other jobseekers in your network. (Be sure to download the notes for even more information not covered in the video.)

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31 thoughts on “How To Find Hidden Jobs (Video)”

  1. Great work, Mr. Stroud – your series of articles on job hunting – and this video – are a great gift to job seekers everywhere.

    Tweeted, ‘Liked’, and blog-mentioned.

  2. Your sincerity is the key to what you say. It’s nice to see someone who doesn’t take themselves TOO seriously. Do NOT change your style because it’s obvious you ‘come from the heart.’

    AND you present useful information. But my key point is that – as Marshall McLuhan stated in the 60’s – THE MEDIUM IS THE MESSAGE!


  3. So.. I’m 3minutes into the video and before there is any presentation, you’re already asking me to tweet and to comment.

    My first comment then is to get to the content before asking favors of your audience. You lost the attention of a LOT of people right there.

  4. Well – I can tell you one thing for sure right off the bat – you should NOT have your video start automatically when I open the site. That is a #1 no-no on a serious website. Visitors want to click to activate a video, and *especially* do not want music or sound to suddenly start blaring out of their computer, particularly because they might have clicked on your site while at work. You don’t want to alienate potential followers before you’ve had a chance to engage them.

  5. Thanks for sharing your knowledge. It was not what I expected when I read the title ‘hidden job market.’ You provided lots of new information.

  6. Great information: Please remove the silliness from your presentation! This is not a funny presentation and most of us job seeker are not amused especially if we are coming from Europe (I am French) other than that Brilliant and well done.
    Respectful regards
    Bruno Pierre Gebarski

  7. Wow! Great comments everyone. Let me respond as best I can. (In no specific order.)

    @Bruno – I am glad you like the information. Sorry if you thought my presentation was too silly. What can I say? For better or worse, I am who I am. If its any consolation, I get on my wife’s nerves too.

    @Deb – Good suggestion. I had not thought about that. I made the change and now the video does not play automatically.

    @Roxanne – Thanks

    @Steven – Muchos Gracias

    @David – Good luck! Let me know how it goes.

    @Chris – Thanks

    @Garick – Hmm… food for thought.

    @Broderick – Thank you! I appreciate that. Although, I think Bruno may disagree with you.

    @Neil – You the man! THANKS!

    Everyone, please keep those comments coming!


  8. Valuable information. I’ve set up my alerts! Thank you for your hard work in putting this together. Something to consider when you’re doing these videos, though, is that the average job searcher may not be so familiar with boolean search methods or other “inside baseball” comments about recruiting. I thought you handled it very well; just want to suggest that you keep that in mind. Great job!

  9. Mr. Stroud: Great video! Very informative. I use Google everyday and now I realize that have not used it to its full potential. All of the information was new to me and will help me think “out of the box” as I continue to search for a job. Thanks.

  10. Wow Jim, this is full of very useful & helpful info. Thanks for paying it forward. BTW I learned of this through Jayne’s email blast.

  11. Great information. I’ll surely pass this on to others who are in my network and seeking their next opportunity (aka oow)

    Next video; consider explaining RSS feeds.

  12. Great video!! It was informative and entertaining. Also, Google Alerts are the way to go.


  13. Re: Comment from Jim (not jimstroud)

    GREAT IDEA – I agree with you RSS feed comment!
    If Mr. Stroud had his blogs on RSS feed, I could add them to the (3) LinkedIn groups I own/manage! That way my groups would ‘automatically’ get his blogs (without my intervention).

    Also, I’ve mentioned to Mr. Stroud the need for blog article titles on his Newsletter. The “clever” titles he uses on his blog would make newsletters more inviting to the readers, which will get them opened and READ! When I forward them to my area Career Networking groups, I always add the blog title.

    From the point of view of someone who averages 70 networking emails a day!

  14. Thanks Jim for the RSS info!
    As you already know, I’ve updated my LinkedIn groups to get you blogs automatically!
    Since the RSS was listed as your homepage, this comment is a response to a test from LinkedIn!
    Best Wishes – Jayne

  15. Jim,

    Thanks for the great content. I’m a Career Coach and I love helping my clients add to their arsenal. I will be sharing it with others.

    Oh one more thing. I personally love your playfulness. Some of us should stop taking ourselves so seriously.

    Continued success,


  16. Very useful information, Jim. Thanks so much for sharing, as it has already opened-up many possibilities. BTW: I like the fact that your prezo is relaxed and natural. That’s what makes it you. Silly (or so called) is good. The world needs more of that — not less.

  17. Really great advice.I’m a high school graduate re-entering the job market,yet it has been difficult finding a job.You have gave me some great information.I enjoyed your “siliness”,I too have a great sense of humor.You were a big help,thank you.

  18. Jim, first off please don’t remove the silliness from your videos. I am French too. While those of us seeking employment are stressed to the limit, your upbeat and, as someone else mentioned, from the heart, presentation is a wonderful change from all of the jargon heavy and gloomy advice sites available.

    Your video was full of creative ideas and useful information and I sincerely thank you for putting such valuable insights online for the rest of us to view.

    I will be spreading the word, without question.

    Keep em coming, it’s tough out here.

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