What else can you do?

One thing that can be especially aggravating in a job search is not finding more of the same work that you’ve always done since your career began. After hitting your head against the wall for so long, you become frustrated and potentially depressed. (Hey, it happens.) May I make a suggestion? Work in a different field where companies are actively hiring.Sure, okay, that sounds simple enough but a) “What if I don’t have the budget to go back to school?” or b) “I don’t have the desire to start over in a new field?”

I can dig it. I have a suggestion for you. Look for ways to use your existing skills in different ways. Let me share a way for you to do that by hopping over to CareerBuilder.

1. I go to their “Find Jobs” section and instead of looking for Recruiter jobs (I have 10+ years in that field) I search on some of my job duties. For example, as a Recruiter I would manage relationships between candidates and hiring managers throughout the interview process. So… I search on “manage relationships” and “interview.”

2. What returns are jobs in HR (go figure), but also jobs in Sales, Business Development and Professional Services. Hmm… I can easily see how my skills could work well in these arenas. Perhaps if you do a search on your past job duties instead of your job title, you will find jobs that correlate to your skills as well. (Smile)

Although I chose CareerBuilder for this demo, you can do the same thing with any job board.

Happy Hunting!


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