How To Network On Twitter (Part 1)

I stumbled across a GREAT tool the other day! Its called Summarizr and at first glance I immediately saw the benefits for jobseekers.

Imagine this. Say that you have an interest in higher education and as such, you wanted to attend EduCause. However, in your case, the spirit was willing but the wallet was weak. (Hey, I can dig it.) No worries, you can get a lot of the benefits from the conference without actually being there by using the Summarizr tool. How? Let me count the ways by demonstrating how I could followup on EduCause, a conference focused on trends in Education.


1. Connect with people who are tweeting the most about the conference.



2. Take note of the people who are mentioned the most in relation to the conference. Connect with them as well.



3. Get insight into the deeper conversations about the conference. If you see that people are passionate about a certain aspect of the conference, what an opportune time to get noticed by the people involved. I suggest that you passionately agree or disagree, either way this is a sure-fire way to get on their radar.

4. Research the hashtags associated with the conference to find out about conferences and related topics that you may be ignorant of

5. Research the URLs that were retweeted the most to see what the hottest topics are in relation to the conference. Comment on these URLs to attract other Twitter users you may want to network with.

Gotta love Twitter!


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