How To Network On Twitter (Part 3)

I was thinking about what I was going to write for part 3 of this series when I remembered a Tweet I got from @johnsodd1. Earlier this year, he tweeted me something that caused me to have a double-take. He tweeted me a few keywords about his background and added a link to a webpage where I can get general information about him. Nice. As I reflect on the tweet he sent me, I began to appreciate his strategy. Let me break it down (as I see it).

  1. Darren Johnson created a Twitter profile for the sole purpose of approaching Recruiters on Twitter.
  2. At the time, he protected the tweets on his blog so nobody will see how many Recruiters he has been contacting. (Its open as of now.)
  3. His bio page is pretty simple. He has it set up on a page, but I would recommend that he instead add it to ResumeBear. Why? He could get stats on when his resume was viewed and by whom. (Gotta love that!)
  4. If I wanted to request a resume, I click a link that sends me a graphic of his email address. This is smart as well because it protects him from getting a spam list. Still, it would be better if he had it on ResumeBear. Who doesn’t want to know who’s been looking at their resume?
  5. When I retweeted Darren’s Twitter resume (way back when), I added the hashtag #twitterresume because I did not have an opportunity to discuss with him, but I hoped that either: a) Some Recruiter sees it and approaches him and/or b) a jobseeker sees the tweet and becomes inspired to do the same.
  6. I imagine that Darren did some research and found my name on a list of Recruiters that are on Twitter. Perhaps this one? –>

All in all, it was a good strategy! Kudos to you Mr. Johnson.

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One thought on “How To Network On Twitter (Part 3)”

  1. This is an extremely interesting concept, but don’t you think he would be better served focusing his energies elsewhere? For example, taking a more proactive role and physically networking or making phone calls or scanning job postings should be more fruitful than spread your CV anywhere and see who calls you, no? That being said, if you are looking for a job in web programming, blogging, or journalism, this could be hitting his target audience quite successfully.

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