How To Find a Job on Skype (Part 2)

In part 1, I showed you how to search the Skype app for people to network with. In part 2, we are going a different route.

Many people post their Skype contact information on their blogs and websites and as such, you can track them via Google. Here are a few examples of what I mean. |

How to find a job on Skype

“*” CTO

How to find a job on Skype

“*” director.of | president.of | chief

How to Find a Job on Skype

“add me to skype”  “technical recruiter”

How to find a job on skype

skype intitle:about recruiter | recruitment

How to find a job on Skype

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One thought on “How To Find a Job on Skype (Part 2)”

  1. Hey Jim,
    I am seeking a job in sales management and saw one that I would like, they responded that they want to talk this Thursday 12/2, well what the said was they wanted to talk over skype, know they gave me an id for their skype account or their number, my laptop has skype but I have never used it, any idea how to? Can you hust talk on skype or is it only a video call? Any help would be great, they are in Canada and I am in NJ if that makes a difference.


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