How To Find a Job on Skype (Part 3)

I thought I was done with the Skype posts, but then I had another idea. ┬áI asked myself, self, “People post their Skype IDs on Linkedin don’t they?”

I thought about it and said, “Yes, um… self. They do.”

So I figure I would end this series, at least for now, by showing you how to search Linkedin profile for Skype IDs. Check out my examples below.

“skype:*”* project.manager

Okay, feeling done with Linkedin. I wonder if this applies to other social networks and websites? Yeah, it should. Let’s give it a shot. manager

“i’m on skype” | | skype.ID ┬áintitle:profile ~CEO

How to find a job on Skype

Hmm… This gives me an idea for something else entirely. What? Hmm… time will tell. For now, happy hunting!


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