How to Find a Job on Twitter (Part 1)

When I was brainstorming this series of posts, I thought about starting it off with a bit of info about Twitter and what it is and why its relevant. And then I thought, nah, if you don’t know why Twitter matters then you are probably not reading this anyway. But just on the off chance you are clueless on what Twitter is all about, here is a quickie video.

Okay, whether you are an expert Tweeter or a novice, by now you should get that Twitter is a whole bunch of conversations happening at the same time and in real-time. People are talking about everything and I do mean everything; what they had for lunch, celebrity gossip, a bazillion things that you care absolutely nothing about… and jobs. Now there are quite a few job boards out there that are powered by Twitter! I’m not talking about them in this series. Maybe next time. (Sowwy!) For now, I want to help you eavesdrop on Entrepreneurs, Senior Managers, Recruiters and people seeking Consultants. How? By performing a few searches.

how to find a job on twitter


How To Find a Job on Twitter


How to find a job on Twitter


If you like what you see, here are a few search suggestions to inspire you.

So once you have found a few interesting tweets, what do you do? Well, I can think of a few options…

  • Tweet them from your Twitter account and ask to be of service.
  • Follow them and (more than likely) they will follow you back. When they do, send them a message about your background. Or even better, a link to your resume on ResumeBear. Why? You will be able to track what happens.
  • Look at their bio. Is there a link to a company website? If so, go to it, find an email address or phone number, make the deal happen.

More on jobhunting with Twitter in the next post! (But you probably already knew that since this was part 1 and all. Um… yeah.)

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  1. This is one of the pleasant surprises of browsing/surfing or whatever you wish to call it. It is possible to very easily find something that matters or at least entertains. I like you to know that I value this.

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