Coming Soon: The Jim Stroud Show!

The Jim Stroud show is premiering 01.11.11! Subscribe to Jim Stroud’s YouTube channel now so you won’t miss out! Watch the video (and read the description) to see what the show will be like. (Please pass this on to the jobseekers in your network. Thanks!)

The Jim Stroud Show

Jim Stroud will teach you how to use the vast resources of the World Wide Web to uncover hidden jobs, connect you with decision makers, and leverage cutting edge technologies to give you an unfair advantage over your job-seeking competitors.

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One thought on “Coming Soon: The Jim Stroud Show!”

  1. Jim I look forward to your show in the new year. I have always been a big fan of your blogs etc. This show will be a great addition that I will share with my network. Keep up the great work.

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