How To Look For Work In Other Countries (Part 2)

In part one, I showed you how to find work in other countries by doing a Google search based on a country top level domain. In this post, more of the same, umm… somewhat.

I was doing a bit of research on top level domains and I stumbled across some domains I was unfamiliar with.  One of them was “.asia” which is a TLD for companies, organizations and individuals based in Asia, Australia and the Pacific. Hmm… What if I wanted to find not only jobs, but job boards specific to that region? And for the sake of demo, let’s say I wanted to restrict my search to engineering  jobs. How would I do it?

How to find work in other countries

Just in case my search bewilders you, this is what I am asking Google to do.

  • site:asia – Search only on websites that end with the top level domain of “.asia”
  • intitle:jobs – Only look for documents that have “jobs” in the title
  • intitle:search – Only look for documents that have search in the title.
  • And since I am looking for Engineering jobs, I added that keyword to my search.

Based on my results, I see that is pretty popular over there, along with a few others that I am too lazy to mention here. (Just do the search if you are curious.) Where did I get from? (Just in case you missed the obvious.) Look at the URL of the above search results! They are all Get it? Good!

More fun with TLDs!

Happy Hunting!