My 2nd Most Favorite Video Resume (of all time) is…

Yesterday, I shared what was my favorite video resume (of all time). This round, I want to share my second most favorite video – Graeme Anthony C.V.I.V.

What is there to NOT like about this video? Its simple, creative and engaging without being too pushy. Instead of bragging about himself (which is sort of what you have to do), he details his skills in a clear, concise manner in an interactive format that you don’t see (at least, I haven’t) on other resumes. What is also interesting to note are the stats connected with his video. If you go to his YouTube channel, you will notice that there are no videos listed. When I click on the video and am taken to YouTube, I see that it has been viewed (at this writing) 48,263 times. It was uploaded on August 24, 2010, so that is indeed an impressive number for a video resume. (Trust me)

Graeme Anthony's YouTube Channel

So, if his video is unlisted on YouTube (which means you have to know the URL to see the video), how did I initially see it? Someone passed me a link and no doubt, I wasn’t the only one to get it via Facebook or Twitter. This suggests to me that Mr. Anthony gets the viral nature of the web and I would wager, that most of the people who have viewed his video resume are people in his industry. (Am I right? Do tell me Graeme.)

I have always been a bit squeamish when it comes to video resumes. Speaking from a HR perspective, I don’t want to worry about the specter of discrimination or (worse yet) flip through hours of video when I barely have time to sift through piles of paper resumes. All that being said however, to me, the video resume makes sense in this case. If your field is in publicity, it would speak well of your skills if you could generate buzz around your resume. Make sense? Yeah, I think so too.

Kudos to Graeme Anthony!


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