The Best Video Resume You Could Possibly Make

One thing that was all TOO consistent was that they tend to be… um… BORING! Ugh! I couldn’t stand it. It would be kind of rude to show video resumes that I don’t like, but let me the majority of them up.

  1. Somebody in a suit smiles at a camera.
  2. Somebody starts rambling on and on about their qualifications as if they are reading their resume from a teleprompter.
  3. A graphic pops up with their contact information

Please, please, puhleezz… Stand out from the crowd and do something different! Like what? Like… this nerd girl – NixiePixel.

NixiePixel blogs about linux (a lot), gaming, technology and her enduring love for Llamas. Yes.. Llamas. When I skimmed through some of her videos, her passion for Linux shined through. She had a sparkle in her eye and with great enthusiasm she explained it in simple terms and gave a demo on how certain functions worked. I know nothing about linux, but for a few seconds there I was into it. (Her love for the penguin is somewhat infectious.) Now, if I were looking on YouTube for someone to hire with a background in linux, who would I choose between NixiePixel vs somebody reading their resume from a teleprompter? I would hope the answer would be obvious, but just in case – NixiePixel. Why?

  • She is not shy about sharing her love for tech.
  • She demonstrates her skills in every other video so I know that she knows what she is doing.
  • She has built a following with other people who share her interest in linux (and llamas) and what can be better validation to a recruiter than peer validation from other linux geeks who have nothing personal to gain by praising her tech skills? Just saying…

So, my recommendation to anyone considering a video resume, is to develop a channel on YouTube. Think of it as a way to build and further validate your own career brand on the web. Just a thought, what’s yours?

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