Before I go, is it worth the trip?

Sure, the grass is always greener in the cubicle across the street, but how can you know for sure? Well, one way is to research the comments of people who work there (or used to work there). You can do that quite easily with the company forums at

You can find out all kinds of useful data there. Case in point…



May be worth your time to review these forums before accepting your next offer. Just sayin’…

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One thought on “Before I go, is it worth the trip?”

  1. is the grass really greener? Thanks for the tips and congrats on the new Jim Stroud Show debut on finding jobs via Twitter (that’s how I found your blog)! Didn’t know about the community forums, since I used — they have similar info in reviews from employees, but there’s more to learn about a company’s culture through photos and salaries…plus, the interview prep is extremely helpful. My friends have used them to find jobs, too. Both are useful tools and I highly recommend. Patiently waiting on your next episode!

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