How To Automate Your Job Search (Part 1)

Which is better? To constantly look for a new job at various jobboards, or to look for a job only once and sift through new information? I prefer the latter method! No, make that the automation method. Wait. That’s kind of the same thing. Wait. Am I rambling again? I hate it when I do that. Okay, let me show you something.

One common function of jobboards is that they have (not all, but most) some sort of email notification system. Typically, they are referred to as “job alerts.” If you can find a job board that serves your niche industry and they have a job alert system, then you’re golden. Simply sign up for it and review the job leads as they hit your email (or SMS if that’s your choice). They’re not hard to find. Check out the examples below…

Happy hunting!


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