How to Get a Job Using iTunes

Did you know that DJs know a lot of singers? (In case you are wondering, that was a rhetorical question.) Why do they know so many artists in the industry? They do a lot of interviews! How many times have you heard a recording star like um… Beyonce’ being interviewed on the radio when a new album is launched? All the time! So, if you wanted to break into the music industry and network your way in, it would seem logical to me that you would chummy up to a DJ. Make sense? (I know nothing about the music industry, but work with me.)

Okay, you can use that same rationale with any industry. How? Simply find someone who interviews people in that industry and network with the interviewer, since they are the one who know everybody. One way to do that is to find podcasts focused on your industry and reach out to the star of the show. For example, if you have an interest in Chemistry, you might want to check out Distillations. Distillations is an award-winning science podcast hosted by Meir Rinde. At this writing, he has produced 109 episodes, so guess how many people he knows? Wouldn’t he be a great contact to network with? (Yeah, I’m being rhetorical again.)

To find podcasts for networking purposes:

A. Do a search on iTunes
B. Look up Podcast Directories and search them individually
C. Do some fancy Googling to find podcasts in your niche.

Here are a few Google examples for you to consider:

Happy hunting!


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