Fired Over Facebook

In episode #4, Jim discusses the (all too often) conflict between social media and common sense. Scroll down for more jobhunting resources.


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8 thoughts on “Fired Over Facebook”

  1. Thanks for mentioning Get A Job! Your Guide to Making Successful Career Moves!
    Jim, great contributions and very clever tactics – you definitely raise the bar in everything you do.

  2. Just came across this video. Love it. This is becoming a big issue, especially as more users start to use Facebook for job searches and professional networking, a la Monster’s BeKnown. Thankfully, there are new services out there, like Reppler, to help users manage their image on services like Facebook.

  3. You are definitely right. Most people get fired from their jobs because of what they post in these social networking sites. Those numbers you have searched in Google is a proof that there are really a lot of careless people. I just wonder why people would post their personal comments; especially negative comments about their current jobs when in fact they know that their bosses and colleagues are on their friend’s list. Well, I’m glad I didn’t add my supervisor to my Facebook account.

  4. Great video! I recently talked to a banker friend of mine and she related a story where their area manager made a joke about what she mentioned on Facebook. Her wisdom tooth operation. Nothing harsh, she was just shocked at how her boss saw that post. 🙂

  5. I’m a big fan of social networking, but to be honest in my opinion facebook has kind of run its course, i know the numbers are still growing but to me it’s getting a bit tedious, it was great to begin with but now it causes more trouble than anything else.

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