How do I get noticed by a Hiring Manager? (Part 1)

This month I want to experiment with a new type of blogging format or at least, new to me. I get a bunch of questions tossed at me from time to time. So, I figure, why not just post some of the questions I get and my answer in a a quick and easy short attention span kind of way? Let me know if you like it? You will? Thanks!  Okay, here we go, somebody asked me the following  question via Linkedin.

Q: How do I get noticed by a Hiring Manager? (Part 1)

A: The short answer is to get featured in the news saying something brilliant and amazing, so amazing that a hiring manager says to himself (or herself), “Wow, what a brilliant and amazing comment. I must hire that person!”

Hey, it could happen!

Of course, you may be thinking, “That’s all well and good Jim, but how do I get on the news to say something so brilliant and amazing?”

Option 1: Chase a few ambulances and find a reporter giving a breaking news story, then stand in the background with your resume on a posterboard and say… something brilliant and amazing.

Option 2: Connect with Reporters that are looking for someone (with your background) to quote in their next story. Of the two options, this is the one I recommend the most.  Here are a few resources to help you out along that wise.

Help A Reporter Out


Reporter Connection



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  1. Where’s the video? I love them! I’m not used to reading your content. I’m gonna need for you to keep vlogging!! By the way, you’re absolutely awesome!

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