How do I get noticed by a Hiring Manager? (Part 2)

In my last post, I answered the question, “How do I get noticed by a Hiring Manager?” by suggesting that you get yourself featured in the news. In this post, I want to go a bit deeper with that strategy.

Q: How do I get noticed by a Hiring Manager? (Part 2)

A: Look up reporters that specialize in your niche and get them to quote and/or write about you. This may sound like a daunting task, but its actually quite easy. Well, its easy to find them, getting them to write about you is the challenge. To do that, go to the library (or bookstore) and pick up a copy of “Writer’s Market.” Its a NICE resource that gives you a list of all the consumer magazines and trade journals in circulation. At least, I think they list everyone, if not, certainly most of them.

Once you find a magazine that catches your eye, get a copy of it and take note of the people who wrote the articles. Send an email to the reporters / writers of the articles (and sending one to the Editor wouldn’t hurt) citing yourself as an expert willing to be quoted in an article. (What’s the worse they can say?)

Writer’s Market has a website that you can subscribe to for a nominal fee ($5.99), but I prefer the hardcopy. I guess I’m old school that way.

Do you know of any other resources that will let me connect with reporters who report on industry specific issues? If so, leave me a comment as (contrary to popular belief) I do not know everything.


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