How do I get noticed by a hiring manager? (Part 3)

Hmm… This one question is getting a lot of mileage. Should I stop? Let me know in the comments.

Q: How do I get noticed by a Hiring Manager? (Part 3)

A:Once you have found magazines, trade journals, newsletters, whatever, that speak to your niche, look at the advertising. Chances are the companies featured in the magazine have a job opening or, may soon have a job opening. It can’t hurt to look them up and see what’s what. Maybe you can get lucky and strike up a conversation on how you can save them the expense of posting a job opening for a certain role because you already fit the bill. Just sayin’…

Hmm… I think I am beating a dead horse with this strategy as I cannot think of anything else to do with magazines as a resource for jobs, so… Oh, wait, I just thought of something else. (Smile)

Most magazines have a feedback section, sometimes its called “Letters to the Editor,” but its all the same. People who have read the previous issue share their thoughts on what they read. In many cases the person commenting will list their names, emails and (in fewer cases) their website address. Why not comment in this printed forum and instead of a website (assuming that you do not have one) list a link to your Linkedin profile or (better yet) a link to your resumebear resume. At least if you do that, you can get stats on when it was seen, printed and/or forwarded. Just a thought…

For inspiration, I am sharing an image of the feedback section of “Fast Company” magazine. The arrow is pointing to someone’s name, location and email address. Wouldn’t it be amazing if a hiring manager happened to be reading your brilliant comment and send an email to you for more information? Hey, it could happen, but only if you write in. Just sayin’…


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