How can I improve my phone interviews?

Q: My phone interviewing skills are rubbish. I need help. How can I improve my phone interviews?

A: Umm… I would suggest recording your phone interviews, listen to yourself objectively, spot your mistakes and work towards improving them. Since I have no idea of what your specific mistakes are and (forgive me) have a strict work / life balanced schedule, I cannot give better advice than that. Umm… Hmm… Oh wait, you might be wondering about equipment you can use to make said recording. If so, I HIGHLY recommend Google Voice.

Now before I go any further, let me err on the side of caution and say that different laws apply to call recording so check with the current state and federal laws as far as that is concerned. To be on the safe side, when you use Google Voice to record your call, Google shouts it out on your call something like, “…this call is being recorded.” I’m not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV, but I can tell you that some states require both parties to consent to recording a phonecall whereas others require only one person on the call to consent. Which states? Again, I don’t know, just sayin’…

First thing first is to get a Google Voice number, which is free, so no pressure there. One your call is initiated, simply press 4. You can do it when you first accept a call, or any time after it’s started. To stop the recording, press 4 again or hang up. And badda-boom, badda-bing, Google adds a MP3 recording of your call to your Google Voice account. You can even download it! How convenient is that? Anyways, that is what I suggest you do.

Anyone know of other tools out there for recording phonecalls? (Preferably free tools)

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