Where should I relo to?

Yesterday, I shared with you a cool tool on Indeed’s website. I was going to write about something totally different today, but thought, nah… let me share one more cool tool of theirs that I like. (I’m such a fan.)

If you are considering relocating to another city to seek job opportunities, but you are clueless as to where to go, I HIGHLY suggest that you check out Indeed’s Job Postings Per Capita map. Why? It has red dots on a USA map. The bigger the dots, the more openings there are in that part of the country. Pretty cool, huh?

And just in case you are geographically challenged, if you scroll down the bottom of the page, you can see a list of the top cities with links to jobs in those cities. Groovy!

Well, I think its groovy, just sayin’…

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