How to find work at a startup

In case you didn’t know, I’m really into video these days. As such, I am really trying to get a handle on the web series industry and as such, I stumbled across a cool company called – Clearleap. I read through their site and thought that they were doing some pretty interesting things. I thought to myself, “Self, if you were looking for a new gig, with a startup – like Clearleap, what would you do?”

“Hmm,” I say to… um…. myself, “Click the Careers link and see what they have available.”

Alas, nothing was there (at this writing) but the promise that Clearleap was a great place to be.

Now, what if I wanted to know as soon as they posted a new job? Hmm… I could (a) email them my resume and risk being forgotten about in the blackhole of applicant tracking systems, or (b) return to the website constantly to see if anything new had been posted or… (c) monitor it with a webpage tracking system. Sounds fancy, huh? Webpage tracking system… Basically, you can use one of several services (some free) to constantly monitor pages for changes and the moment that they do, you get notified by email. In the case of companies (like Clearleap) that do not have a notification system in place, all I would have to do is use a service like “Watch That Page” to let me know when the content on the page changes. Once it does, presumably it will be because some jobs have been posted. I can then return at that time to see what I can see and react accordingly. Make sense?

Here is a list of services that let you monitor pages for changes:

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