When will job boards innovate? (Part 3)

I am a big Modesty Blaise fan.  Its a comic strip, series of novels, movies (1 awful movie and 1 okay movie) and a failed TV series about a crime boss who retires, but soon gets bored and is lured back into danger on behalf of her government. The books and comics are all written by Peter O’ Donnell and if you like a good crime novel (slightly off the beaten path), I cannot recommend Modesty Blaise enough. She rocks! (Below is a trailer for the better of the two movies.)

Anyways, I was on Amazon looking for some Modesty Blaise books and noticed at the bottom of the page were recommendations. You’ve seen them before, I’m sure. “Customers who bought this item also bought…” Or, “Other customers suggested these items…”

Modesty Blaise

Although I have seen their recommendations a bazillion times, I thought, “Hey, this could be a job board!”

Imagine this:

(1) A jobseeker applies for a job they have an interest in.
(2) The job board says, “If you like this job, try applying to these other jobs as well.”
(3) Or, the job board says, “Based on your resume, you might want to consider these jobs as well.”
(4) Or, people who have worked with your present employer, have been hired into these companies. Why not consider them as well?

Just a thought… Is it a good one? Let me know in the comments.

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