How To use Linkedin Signal [Video]

Jim Stroud demos Linkedin Signal and how to use it to find job leads. This episode marks the end of season 1 of The Jim Stroud Show. Subscribe now to get updates on the next season. (Scroll down for more jobhunting resources.)


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3 thoughts on “How To use Linkedin Signal [Video]”

  1. Just curious Jim, why would someone bother using Linkedin Signal instead of just searching hash tags in Twitter? Also, unless you pay to upgrade your account with LI you don’t have access to LI Signal, which brings me back to why wouldn’t someone just search Twitter?

  2. DJ,

    Great question! I suggest using Linkedin signal to search Twitter because you are able to view the Linkedin profiles of the person who sent the tweet. On Twitter, the bio info is sparse and sometimes nothing is there at all. Linkedin profiles tend to have a lot more information. Make sense?


  3. DJ, you actually can reach LinkedIn Signal at to get a feed of your connections’ latest tweets. It’s not as good as the search on your homepage, but not bad.

    Most of my connections don’t tweet much or at all, so I find that this tool is not that useful. I suppose it depends on your industry and field of interest.

    What I try to do is when I’m on someone’s profile who I want to connect with, I hit the little “Follow” Twitter icon on their LinkedIn profile.

    I don’t mind posting individual Tweets to my LinkedIn account, but I find that I sort of use Twitter and LinkedIn differently and would rather view them using separate tools.

    Cute video, Jim!

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