The Perfect Job for Me (Part 1)

“In case you didn’t know,” he says to me. “I am open to new opportunities.”

I nod my head as I listen.

“I have applied for job after job after job, but not getting anywhere.”

I nod again and ask the kind of work he wants to do and as he tells me his story, my thoughts drift to myself. (Sorry, but they did.) I get approached for opportunities, but not for what I want to do, I mean really want to do. Instead, I get opportunities pitched to me that fit my background. I know that it only makes sense for that to be the case, but I keep hoping that a recruiter or entrepreneur can use some imagination and create a role that meets me where I am and where I would like to be. I only share this because after giving someone some job search advice, I am going to eat my own dogfood.

I am presently consulting for a few clients, so I figure if I am going to this, its better now than never. The advice I gave someone was to continue job searching as he has been and to read my blog for additional strategies. In addition to that, I suggested that he find jobs that are PERFECT for them. And when I say perfect, I mean that he could build a strong business case as to why he would be the ideal candidate for the position. When he find those roles, I suggested that he blog the job description and give a business case as to why he should be hired. I told him not to mention the company where he got the job description (so as to reduce his competition) and I said that I would do the same so as to serve as an example. So since I strive to keep my promises, in the next post (or maybe next few posts) I will do the same. Worst case, I help someone else get a gig. Best case, I get my dream job.

We’ll see what happens…

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