[Breaking] Monster wants to give you a professional face on Facebook with BeKnown

I was fortunate enough to get a heads-up on a new initiative that Monster is launching this weekend. They have created a Facebook app called “BeKnown” which (in my words) gives users a professional face on Facebook. Initially I thought it was a “me too” move, as at first peek, I thought it was their answer to “Branch Out.” However, after a closer look under the hood, it looks like a major play by Monster to try to dominate the space quickly (before Linkedin does it).

BeKnown Facebook app

Where I think Monster has an advantage is that they are launching this app in 19 languages covering 35 ccountries (verses BranchOut’s 1 supported language and Linkedin’s 6 supported langauges). Plus a few other goodies Linkedin and Branchout do not have. Such as:

  • Beknown lets you claim and manage company profiles
  • They offer social job posting referrals with reward functionality (although that is pending). This alone will make it a compelling app for many people, maybe ushering a new crop of recruiters to those who are successful with it. Just sayin’… In case that was unclear, they will soon have an option that pays you $X.00 when you refer a hire.
  • Integrated semantic job search (Seems to work well from what I saw)
  • Skills endorsement (surprised Linkedin doesn’t have this on their app. Is it pending? I wonder.)
  • I like the badge thing thing they have going as well (although BranchOut had it first) I suggested that they let people suggest new badges like… umm… when you are mentioned in the media you get a badge. (Fingers crossed for that one.)
  • I LOVE that I can use a different picture on my BeKnown profile and not be restricted to the pic on my Facebook profile. Its not that I’m ashamed of it, just that I think its a wonderful option that will help a lot of people out. (wink)
  • I like that you can import your profile from Monster and Linkedin into your BeKnown profile.
  • I like the separate messaging system that comes with BeKnown because it helps me keep my professional messages and personal messages separate.

Right out of the gate however, I thought that they would have one BIG hurdle to overcome. Since the Monster brand is so well known, I think a lot of recruiters will think of this app and say, “Wow! Now I can search Facebook the same way I search Monster.”  And if you are thinking that, let me advise you that you cannot.

BeKnown Facebook App

My understanding is that BeKnown is a social network and as such, you have to be connected to people in order to connect with them. (A’ la Linkedin) However, you can do a search for specific people and validate that you know them.  I do wish that it provided vanity URLS or even unique URLS so that I could add it to my email signature for example, http://beknown.facebook.com/jimstroud but maybe in the future. (Sorry, that was a random thought.)

BeKnown Facebook App

I think that this is an interesting play for Monster and comes at the right time. If they want to swoop in and dominate, now is the time, as I am sure Linkedin has  a few tricks up their sleeve to give them a run for their money. Right now though, I am wondering if Linkedin will now have to play catch-up when I thought that they would be the ones to do this on a large scale first. (And certainly before an upstart like BranchOut.) Just my two cents…


P.S. I am curious to hear from jobseekers! Does a Facebook app from Monster get you excited? Please leave me a comment and let me know? Thanks!



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5 thoughts on “[Breaking] Monster wants to give you a professional face on Facebook with BeKnown”

  1. Nice! Thanks for the heads up Jim (long time listener, first time caller)!

    Just want you to know we appreciate you and your content ~ always relevant & presented with insight ~ not just information. Not just how, but why…

    Kirk Abraham @EASTeam

  2. BeKnown is an example of yet another late entrant in the online professional networking space. LinkedIn was a pioneer outside of Facebook and BranchOut is the #1 professional network on Facebook, launching in July 2010, and now serving well over a million users.

    Rather than offering a new or innovative way to help job seekers and recruiters, Monster copied BranchOut’s app, from the overall concept down to endorsements and badges. Copying features is easy, but building a robust community that truly helps job seekers and recruiters is difficult. BranchOut is the only successful solution on Facebook, which is why over 50,000 new people join BranchOut everyday.

    As always, we are happy to share more information on BranchOut, our network, and products that help companies source top talent. You can always learn more and sign up at http://www.branchout.com.


    The BranchOut team

  3. Thank you for sharing this, Jim. I have been a long-time fan of using Facebook for personal and professional reasons, but ESPECIALLY for job seekers. Who wouldn’t want to have access to 700 million users who might know of a job opening, or someone in a company?

    Long before BranchOut, I was teaching my clients how to use Facebook for professional purposes and I’ve had a few people think that was pretty odd. However, I was excited to learn of BranchOut and now have my clients casting their net even wider using BranchOut. My clients have had success with BranchOut, but have also mentioned a dislike for some spam and the game-like quizzes. I just teach them to focus on the “good” and continue using it and keeping up with their networking.

    I’m excited to learn to about BeKnown…you know what they say about competition…always good for the consumer…let’s hope it is good for the job seeker!

    I will be sharing BeKnown app with my clients as well. If I were a job seeker, I would want to cast my net as wide as possible, but they key to ALL of the social networking is just that–networking…and taking it offline. You can’t just put up a profile and hope the phone will ring….but that actually has happened to a few of my clients. ..one as recent as last week! =)

    Thanks for sharing this Jim! Love your posts! =)


  4. Nice post – I’ve seen a few things about ‘BeKnown’, but hadn’t read too much into it. Seems to be useful to both applicants and employers. I’m definitely going to check it out so thanks for the heads up!

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