How To Make Recruiters Your Ally [podcast]

Today, I was fortunate enough to be a guest on “Making Recruiters Your Ally” with Adrienne Graham. I was a bit nervous during the podcast, but hopefully that did not take away too much from the information I shared. (Smile) I always get nervous before presenting. (Always, always, always!) Please overlook that as you listen and if you deem my advice worthy, please pass it on. Thanks! And oh, for more great advice (or rather, better advice), listen to the “Views From The Top” podcast each week. I highly recommend it.

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One thought on “How To Make Recruiters Your Ally [podcast]”

  1. Awesome show.
    I just happened to browse through Jim Stroud’s website and took time to listen to this recording.
    Thanks for all the great tips shared.
    I will be going online to research the information that can help me with my search for a contractor position as a project manager.

    Elaine Jackson, PMP

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